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Harry Potter




QUEEN OF ALL - Queen of Rome - Queen of Islam


140 pages, paperback

Daniel : Understanding the Dreams and Visions

Daniel : Understanding the Dreams and Visions


The Light Behind Masonry, by Bill Schnoebelen

Christ, Muhammad And I

 Mary is She Dead or Alive?

  Pilgrim's Progress

Trinidad and Tobago Inside Guide

Security, Privacy & Complaints



Answers To My Mormon Friends by Thomas F. Heinze
Mormonism's founder was Joseph Smith. All Mormons who read this book will be amazed as they learn about Smith's personal life, starting with his early youth and progressing to his later years. 

* Learn about Joseph Smith and his brushes with the law.
* Read about how, in his younger days, he was found guilty of using occult practices to defraud people.
* Learn of a Mormon historian who concedes that Joseph Smith was the "village magician."

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Answers to my Catholic Friends
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LISTEN to over 76 Bible Questions Answered

- Can we take the book of Revelation literally?
- Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died?
- Do Christians go to heaven immediately after they die?
- Does 2 Peter 3:3 (scoffers) apply to people who discredit Paul's writings?
- Does the Bible say we should judge sin in other Christians?
- Explain how Samuel's spirit appeared to Saul in 1 Samuel 28?
- How do you balance forgiveness and righteous anger?




By Lawrence Nelson

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"A sincere and practical outline for survival and revival." -Lincoln Steed
Liberty Magazine

Today -- a time of preparation ...

The work of the people of God is to prepare for the events of the future, which will soon come upon them with blinding force. 2SM 142

The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy has revealed the truth about country living-- it has always been God’s plan for His people! In fact, your survival depends upon understanding His call to country living! Yes, the Lord will provide for His people during the time of flight (Jacob’s Time of Trouble), but there is an length of time between the National Sunday Law and the close of probation when the remnant will be responsible for growing their own food and providing for those who escape the cities at the last moment. This world is not our home. We are preparing to leave for our home in heaven. God leads His people on, step by step; out of the large cities, then the smaller cities, to rural homes, to country homes, to secluded homes among the mountains, into the wilderness (where He supplies the needs of His remnant by ravens, angels, or manna), and finally heaven!

Jere's book is available for just $22.95!




Books and charts -- You Can Survive! is "a practical outline for survival and revival," according to Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty Magazine. A large Closing Events Chart clearly delineates the prophesied sequence of end time events, erasing any confusion about when we will need to grow our own food while doing missionary work. The Lord will supply our necessities after the close of probation.


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The Dangers of New Age Medicine

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