"ANTI-CHRIST IS A WOMAN..." - Bk 2 to Codeword Barbelon,  by P. D. Stuart

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Key Quotes from P.D. Stuart in Bk2:

The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive…. If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe.”

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”                                            ~ Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here, (1953).

"Yes, the day is not long hence, when at last, Romanism, that murderous hag, garlanded for centuries with the skulls of the martyrs of Jesus Christ, yeah, Romanism, that MOTHER OF ALL MYSTERIES and of every abomination,full of congenital rottenness—that habitation of devils, that hold of every unclean spirit and cage of every unclean and hateful bird, will be forever destroyed; and, at long last shall no longer corrupt the earth with the “filthiness of her fornications” and “the multitude of her whoredoms.”

"Romanism is “not a religion, never was a religion. The most that could be said about her is that she is a form of rape, and robbery [and a mummery] masquerading as a religion”!

“... that Rome’s Pagan altars, Pagan priests, Pagan robes, Pagan superstitions, and Pagan deities should pass for so many centuries under Christian names, IS ALTOGETHER A MYSTERY”! “MYSTERY!” Said Alexander Campbell, “By mystery she rose,.. [and] reigns;—her mystery of purgatory, transubstantiation, relics, miracles, signs, sacraments, and unfathomable."

"How awful, reader, that hundreds of thousands, yeah            millions of her adherents have been deceived by the fraud. And no doubt the understanding of my intelligent reader is equally insulted by these Romish fictions. And, whether or not you agree the above notion to be doctrinally correct, I have proven that it is at least historically so!"

P.D. Stuart.

More quotes to come...



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" Anti-Christ Is a WomanAlive, and Well, Again!"

"FASCISM HAS COME TO AMERICA! And it's wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross..." see video below.
Lux-Verbi is pleased to announce the release of "Anti-Christ Is a Woman" (Book 2 of Codeword Barbelon)                                          .

Why are world events spinning out of control”? “Why do the explanations we hear from our government officials seem so unreliable”? And “Why do the establishment news media leave us feeling like we have only heard part of the story”! “Was Thomas Watson right when he warned in 1910 that the evils of the credit and paper system, must, at no distant day, lead to a monetary crisis? Why is this all happening now? asks P.D. Stuart. And he  answers with EVIDENCE WHICH THE PLAIN READER can understand, that the SCHOLAR will appreciate, and which the SKEPTIC cannot refute!

This book is a record of facts, well-attested, burning facts, which cannot fail to convince the incredulous, arouse the indifferent and lukewarm, and inspire every lover of truth and of his country….!



See Table of Contents


Anti-Christ Is a WomanAlive, and Well, Again!" (appropriately subtitled "The Catholic Mission in the Third Millennium") is the sequel, or second part to Book 1 of Codeword Barbelon. See list of topics in TOCs.

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Product Specs:
Shipping Weight: 2Lbs
ISBN-13: 978-0956286703 /    (ISBN-10: 0956286704)
Author P.D. Stuart
Publisher Lux-Verbi Books
Product Type Book, paperback
Page Extent 582 pps.
Illustrations Numerous colour/black and white photos, drawings, sketches & figures



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Obama in 2001: How to bring about “redistribution of wealth," the goal of Pope Leo's  Rerum Novarum.

On July 7, 2009, Pope Benedict called for a new “world political authority” to manage the global economy and to regulate national economies…But, Is the financial meltdown mere chance and accident or is there more to all of this than meets the eye?

The topics cover on this second volume include:

   September 11th—National Security vs. Individual Freedoms in the New World Order!…………

   9/11: A new Pearl Harbor, or "The Road To Tyranny"?………………………………….

   The day the Towers fell—What, Why, When And How……………………………………

   Strange Explosions!—Secret Dossier on 9/11…………

   Fascism comes to America: Anti-Christ in the USA………………………………

   Obama’s Jesuit, socialist and New World Order connections……………………………..

   Signs, Lying Wonders and Soul-Destroying Delusions............

   America on its Knees—"Mercy, Mercy, Please!".............

   Sugar for the Villains, pain for the Victims! But "The Winner-Takes It All!"…………………

   How it all began—A Snapshot……………

   Bringing governments to their knees!………………

   Dividing the spoils!: how governments came to own the banks………………………… 

Author's Introduction (opening chapter):

"BENEATH THE SURFACE OF THE SEAS, men are busy in the wonderful submarines. Thought speeds over the cabl e, thousands of miles along the ocean’s bed. The diver works as securely under the vessel, as the engineer does in the hold of the ship. On the surface of the earth, travel skims at bird-like speed—overhead flies the airship. Marvelous [sic] inventions have recreated the physical world; and a man who died fifty years ago would hardly recognize the habitat which he left, were he to return. In science and art, in literature and journalism, the human mind has scouted antiquated forms and dogmas, boldly dashing onward to higher and better standards.
     "Yet in this age of colored photography, of the talking machine, of the electric light, of the motor-car, of the airship, of the printing-press, of the moving picture. Superstition is seated upon her ancient throne, with the cowl of the monk on her head, the silly gibberish of the Dark Ages on her tongue, AND THE IMPLACABLE FEROCITY OF THE INQUISITION IN HER SOUL. ...

     "Nor do I apologize for the pointed language of this present volume, which I believe will prove most profitable to the reader. I retract nothing—I blot out nothing. My language is exactly what it should be at this hour, for to quote Garrison, “THE APATHY OF THE PEOPLE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE EVERY STATUE LEAP FROM ITS PEDESTAL, AND TO HASTEN THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD”! I have here advertised my intention to speak plainly (without vulgarity). If you are easily offended, do not read this book!"

Extract from the Editors' Preface:

"WE PLACE IN YOUR HANDS a work of unparalleled importance, great insight and extraordinary scholarship. P.D. Stuart writes in a clear, precise and compelling manner, penetrating to the heart of his subject.  

"Indeed, much care and attention has been bestowed by the author in this edition of his second ‘Treatise’ Anti-Christ is a Woman (being the sequel to Book 1 of Codeword Barbêlôn). In the prosecution of a purpose, which is not polemical, but factual, the author has undertaken a task not agreeable to most; but which, in keeping with his promise in Book 1, he proceeds to perform. And he does so in a calm and judicial temper, giving cogent and compelling reasons for the startling propositions he advances, so that those who may at first believe the alarm to be groundless, may nevertheless yet be convinced. .

"Following upon his earlier work (Book 1), the author must now be given the credit as one of the most exact thinkers to have graced this generation; possessing an acuity—to a degree that is almost inconceivable in an age like our own, of loose thinking and slapdash reasoning—and the power of following through his observations and convictions to their logical conclusion.  

"Amongst other subjects, the author reveals the true forces behind what has been called “the greatest recession to sweep the world and to shake up all nations”! Stuart asserts that “we are living at a time more momentous than that of the advent Ignatius Loyola or that of Luther,”—viz., that “the scenes are shifting in the great theatre of the world and that the final act is being played out on the American stage.” In so doing, he brings to the attention of his readers, once again, matters of infinite and practical importance. The issues? He says, they are visible behind the scenes to those who have eyes to see. “Change,” he says, “is in the air, and the apocalyptic visions are soon to be realized.”

"One of the omens of this ‘apocalypse’ Stuart contends is that we are facing “The great recession to sweep the world and to shake up all nations” and that all the desperate attempts to stop the meltdown, including several billion dollar bail-outs have so far failed to achieve their objectives! So much so that Pope Benedict, on July 7, 2009, called for a new “world political authority” to manage the global economy and to regulate national economies…

"But, “Is the financial meltdown mere chance and accident or is there more to all of this than meets the eye.”  “Why are world events spinning out of control”? “Why do the explanations we hear from our government officials seem so unreliable”? And “Why do the establishment news media leave us feeling like we have only heard part of the story”! “Was Thomas Watson right when he warned in 1910 that the evils of the credit and paper system, must, at no distant day, lead to a monetary crisis?” Why is this all happening now? 

"Stuart contends that the book of Revelation is not the wild rant of an old prophet, but rather it has a startling message about our time when a global financial crisis would be unleashed upon the world resulting in the establishment of a One World Government that will control who may “may buy or sell….” While some may yet doubt the relevance or reliability of prophetic predictions, it is an age-old human propensity to try and see into the future. This “universal desire supposes a latent belief in the human mind in the possibility of prophecy.” In fact, the greatest scientist of his generation, none less than he who propounded the theory of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton, wrote, in 1727, “About the Time of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation,” this they will do “in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”

"This volume gives attention to the prophecies that concern our time. Indeed, it impossible to read this book without feeling that it propounds a vast amount of information which explains a great bulk of prophecy, and in a manner that is both precise and convincing. And as if that were not enough to keep his reader riveted, the author offers even more startling propositions in this volume than he did in Book 1 (Codeword Barbêlôn). 

"In presenting this second volume to the public, the author does so in the hope of reaching an even larger audience, and for the same reason that one would awaken a sleeping family in a burning dwelling or wave a lantern at a crowd with shouts of “danger”! at the approach of a railway train about to derail.  For as the author shows, most convincingly, the stage is now set for a gigantic, global financial system of unimaginable evil—as foretold—essentially satanic in its origin, and under the control of what in Scripture is called “ANTI-CHRIST,” or the ‘Apostasy of the latter times.’   "

        ~ Savanarola La Maître, Philippe le Bel, Editors, October 31st, 2009

Order your copy today!  

Also on Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/Anti-Christ-Woman-Catholic-Mission-Millennium/dp/0956286704

British Library Cataloguing-in Publication Data:
Stuart, P. D.
Anti-Christ is a woman : the Catholic mission in the third
millennium. -- (Codeword Barbelon ; bk. 2)
1. Catholic church and world politics. 2. Recessions.
3. Catholic Church--Controversial literature. 4. Bible--
Prophecies. 5. Bible. N.T. Revelation--Criticism,
interpretation, etc. 6. Financial crises.
I. Title II. Series III. La Maitre, Savanarola.
IV. Montalte, L. de. V. Le Bel, Philippe.

ISBN-13: 9780956286703

'redistribution of wealth', fascist , Pope Leo, Rerum Novarum, fascism, Catholic Social Justice, Obama, Anti-Christ, President Barack Obama....

"Codeword Barbêlôn (BOOK 1)
Subtitle: "Danger in the Vatican: The Sons of Loyola and Their Plans for World Domination."




Special Offer - Customers who ordered Codeword Barbelon (Bks 1 & 2) will also be interested in the DVDs series: "REKINDLING THE REFORMATION", by Walter Veith.


For Orders outside of the USA and Canada, click here:

11 lectures on 4 DVD discs, more than 7 hours. Plus, FREE book on the Jesuits' and the Freemasons' control of America, called "Codeword Barbelon."

Series in English, 11 lectures
Topics in the English series are:

1. Twin Pillars of the Reformation
2. Let There Be Light
3. They Have Made Void Thy Law - Part 1
4. The Beamable Sustainable Princes
5. They Have Made Void Thy Law - Part 2
6. The Fourth Man in the Furnace
7. The Heritage of Israel
8. The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation - Part 1
9. The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation - Part 2
10. The Typology of Deliverance
11. A Price To Be Paid - The Oxford Martyrs

Reeks in Afrikaans, met 12 lesings.
Onderwerpe is:
1. Laat daar Lig wees
2. Die Twee Pilare van  die Hervorming
3. Die Vierde Man in die Vuuroond
4. Die Erfenis van Israel
5. U Wet ongedaan maak  - Deel 1
6. U Wet ongedaan maak - Deel 2
7. Die Jesuite en die teen-hervorming - Deel 1
8. Die Jesuite en die teen-hervorming - Deel 2
9.   Wat is Geloof?
10. Die Teleportabele Volhoubare Prinse
11. Tipologie van Verlossing
12. Die Oxford Martelare


Rekindling the Reformation is an 11-part series of inspiring and relevant multimedia presentations on the pivotal issues of the Reformation and how they relate to present day. Dr. Walter Veith clarifies the disputes that led to the horrific and bloody persecutions of the Dark Ages and demonstrates the urgency of understanding the same principles that are still under attack today.

Millions of faithful servants died for pivotal truths found in the Word of God, such as the identity of the Antichrist and salvation by grace alone. Their sacrifice succeeded in subduing an empire and making freedom of religion and thought possible. But, their success was short-lived.

Through the centuries since the Reformation, we have lost the beliefs the reformers stood for. We have allowed God’s truth to be mixed with error. Today, we reap the repercussions of our lethargic neglect. The Roman Empire’s wound is healed, and politicians and heads of state follow without reluctance.

This series is not a history lesson. It is a call to rekindle the principles of the Reformation and to re-examine the fundamental truths upon which the Reformers such as Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli stood.

Dr. Veith presents clear insight into the underlying objectives of today’s political, economic, and religious maneuverings. He explains why we may have to fight the battle of the Reformation all over again.

Will you know the issues and understand the enemies’ tactics enough to resist error? This series will help equip you.  

931: The Twin Pillars Of The Reformation

Two pillars of the Reformation—the first is Sola Gracia, Sola Christos, and Sola Scriptura—Grace alone, Christ alone, the Bible alone. But few know the other pillar of the Reformation—the identity of the Antichrist. The reformers are unanimous on the identity of this power described and defined in Daniel. You will not find one reformer that did not identify the little horn power of Bible prophecy as the Holy Roman Empire which persecuted God’s Word and His people and magnified itself against Christ. Has Rome changed or is it still operating as a power that demotes Christ’s rightful place and sets itself up in the place of God? Watch this DVD and find out how the Reformation’s founding principles are still as applicable today as they were then. (109 minutes)

932: Let There Be Light

By Martin Luther’s day, the Catholic Church was ruling the known world of Europe. It was dictating policy to Kings and Queens and Luther opposed the church’s blatant misrepresentation of Christ and the Scriptures. The history of the Church was one of persecution of Christians who believed that God’s Word was infallible and rather than the dictates of the papacy. In this DVD, you will trace the life of that great Reformer, Luther and see what the Church today has done to re-unite the world under its authority. Ecumenism has achieved its desired result and this presentation reveals startling new developments in current religio-political thought. (96 minutes)

933: They Have Made Void Thy Law, Part One

God’s laws are not to be tampered with. But one by one the Ten Commandments are being attacked and made void. Every precept of God has been marginalized and reduced. They are being wiped out of our constitutions and international laws. Find out how the law of God has been tampered with in society and religion today. In this DVD, you will also learn alarming news about the new fascist human rights laws and Roman Catholic natural law touted by the U.N. and the Papacy as the answer to the world’s problems. Definitely a must-see for all who are interested in their economic future. (103 minutes)

934: The Beamable Sustainable Princes

This DVD explores the issue of sustainable development and the fascinating history of England’s crown and its forfeiture to a religious power. Is there a hidden agenda behind the rapid push towards sustainable development? Could the events of the middle ages still be affecting us today? In this DVD, you will learn how it came about that England and its vassals now belong to Rome and how an agenda of worldwide control is being foisted on Earth’s inhabitants. History has startling answers to why we are seeing certain players on the world stage. Find out in this significant and eye-opening presentation. (135 minutes)

935: They Have Made Void Thy Law, Part Two

Continuing from part 1, this DVD takes us on a study of how international law has replaced the laws of God. We discover that the international community has been coerced into rewriting God’s laws and that it has become forbidden to practice God’s laws, to pray in Jesus’ name, to worship God on His Sabbath, and even to raise Jesus up as the Son of God. According to law, Jesus must be placed on the same level as false gods and false prophets. See what astounding efforts have been made to set up the legal right to replace Jesus the Son of God, with the false new age christ. More information is also provided on Roman Catholic economic thought and its impact on today’s economic and political state. (135 minutes)

936: The Fourth Man In The Furnace

This DVD explores the attack on Jesus Christ more fully, showing that Jesus Christ’s Messiahship and Godhood are being made null and void even in Protestant churches! New equity laws that restrict religious liberty are shown to be rampantly manifest in religious and political circles. Explore the many inroads that the one-world religious movement has made in religious thought and society. If you thought there were differences between religions, think again. This DVD will confirm that all religions are being amalgamated into one. (106 minutes)

937: Heritage Of Israel

Tradition holds that those who are born of the sons of Abraham can receive salvation by this merit alone. There are many people who claim to be from the tribes of Israel. This DVD examines this belief in light of Scripture. How does the Jewish nation fit into the Bible and into current events and Bible prophecy? What was the purpose of Israel? Does salvation come through the Jewish nation? Is salvation even possible through birthright? The meaning of the Jewish feasts is also examined, along with the question of the name of Jesus. (126 minutes)

938: The Jesuits And The Counter Reformation, Part One

The great Protestant Reformation changed the world. But forces arose almost immediately to nullify its monumental effect to bring the world back into line with Papal teachings. This DVD covers the history of the Jesuits and how they countered the reformation movement. The Jesuits countered the gains of the Reformation movement, setting up seats of opposition in every court, seeking to undermine and corrupt the men and women who stood for Christ. Through secret societies they put into place the false teachings that blurred the lines of reason and effectively buried the Protestant movement. Nothing remains of the Reformation movement of Martin Luther and his colleagues. The Jesuits have effectively rewritten history. How do Jesuits fit into current world events? Are the Jesuits still relevant? (120 minutes)

939: The Jesuits And The Counter Reformation, Part Two

Part 2 continues to explore the efforts of the Jesuits to counter the Reformation wherever it may appear. In modern day, the results of the Jesuits’ efforts can clearly be seen. Wherever you go, what was once a Protestant stronghold has now been changed to a tribute to Catholic saints, downgrading the Reformers and their message. The icons of popery are back reinstating the bastions of Catholicism. The world no longer remembers what the Protestants really stood for or against. This DVD explores the impact of Jesuit theology on religion today. (116 minutes)

340: The Typology Of Deliverance

The Bible is a deep inexhaustible well of comfort, guidance, and Truth. It is not just historic, but also a book of salvation. In the stories of the Old Testament, we see types of the truth of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ. This DVD examines several Old Testament stories for spiritual applications to the gospel and the character of God. This presentation also examines the manifestations of the antichrist depicted in the Bible and in pagan cults, specifically the cult of Mithra. Also outlined is the fall of Jerusalem and the tumultuous years of the early church as it was assaulted by Mithraic and Gnostic influence. We also examine in detail the early church’s change of the Sabbath to Sunday and other doctrinal deviations. (92 minutes)

941: A Price To Be Paid

This DVD reviews the sacrifice of 4 almost-forgotten martyrs that stood for Truth in England: Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, John Rogers, and Hugh Latimer. Through this mutli-media journey, we visit the church where these faithful believers preached, and trace the steps of their martyrdom under the rule of Bloody Mary. We also take a look at John Henry Newman’s conversion to Catholicism and some of the Papacy’s more recent assertions in regards to Protestantism, as well as the martyrdom of many other noble men and women in England and Scotland including John Knox, the Wesley brothers, and the Covenanters. This DVD is a call to return to the Reformation principles upon which so many stood and died – a rekindling of the Reformation. (88 minutes)
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