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Dangers of Harry Potter





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Bible Fun 2 Learn - Electronic Bible games and stories for Children.

You and your children can now experience Bible stories and interact with Games and Puzzle's. Encourage your children to learn the Bible the fun way.

Ideal for children and families together!

The Creation; Adam and Eve; Noah & the Ark; Moses; The Birth of Jesus.

Operating System Requirements:
Mac -
Os 8.1 and above, or
Windows -
2000, 95, 98, ME, XP,
ISBN/Ref: GBFL-001
Product ID: 66975
Format: CD Package

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Special: Order 2 for 20.50 each
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For overseas orders (see end of this page).

Details: Five popular Bible stories are read on screen with syncronised pictures and text.br>
The stories include:
The Creation
Adam and Eve
Noah & the Ark
The Birth of Jesus

Following each story is an interactive on-screen activity, including Wordsearch, Quiz, Paint-a-Picture and Crossword.

Select from the story-related games and test your knowledge and skill. The games included are: Moving Square Puzzle, Matching images Memory game, Tree of Knowledge Catching game, Positive Confession Spelling Game and Noah's Adventure Maze.

A Great fun experience making the bible come alive.

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There is an additional 10.50 for overseas orders. If you are ordering Bible Fun 2 Learn fro delivery outside the UK click here:

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