Here We Stand, SDAs, by Richard O'Ffill, Phil Mills, C. Mervyn Maxwell, Doug Batchelor, Mark Finley, Walter Veith and some of the church's most respected thought leaders.

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QUEEN OF ALL - Queen of Rome - Queen of Islam


Queen of All by Jim Tetlow    140 pages, paperback



Christ, Muhammad And I

 Mary is She Dead or Alive?

  Pilgrim's Progress

Trinidad and Tobago Inside Guide

Security, Privacy & Complaints



Answers To My Mormon Friends by Thomas F. Heinze
Mormonism's founder was Joseph Smith. All Mormons who read this book will be amazed as they learn about Smith's personal life, starting with his early youth and progressing to his later years. 

* Learn about Joseph Smith and his brushes with the law.
* Read about how, in his younger days, he was found guilty of using occult practices to defraud people.
* Learn of a Mormon historian who concedes that Joseph Smith was the "village magician."

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Competently addresses current issues in the church.

Already in its second printing!
A Monumental Vol.(811 pages)
By 34 Respected Thought Leaders
Evaluating New Trends in the Church
Printed by Review and Herald Graphics                           Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, Editor
ISBN 0-9677622-1-9
2nd Printing: Oct. 2005                                       List Price: $25.95 each
For US/Canada

For International Orders:

Or US$375.00 for Box of 20

Now you can give answers to these issues:
  • New methods of church growth
  • New questions about doctrines
  • New views on Creation
  • New styles of worship and music
  • New issues on marriage
  • New changes in local church leadership
  • New structure for the church

In Here We Stand, some of the church's most respected thought leaders have addressed these questions in a compelling way.

Questions Include:

  • Do new church planting techniques really grow churches?
  • How do we attract and keep young people in the church?
  • Does the church need a 28th fundamental belief?
  • What makes a doctrine "new light"?
  • Should we embrace the new teachings on spiritual warfare, prayer warriors, and deliverance ministries?
  • Why are some questioning a literal 6-day Creation and the historicity of Genesis 1-11?
  • What are the roots of contemporary worship styles?
  • Is music morally neutral? What does the Bible say about music?
  • Is "abandonment" legitimate grounds for divorce?
  • Does the Bible support polygamy and homosexuality?
  • Why are major changes occurring so quickly in local congregations?
  • Do we need another church organization?
  • How did money and politics shape the issue of ordaining women as elders and pastors?
  • Does it matter whether you are a "liberal" or a "conservative"?
  • What should we do when the new is not true?


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