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The eye-opening book, "Secrets Behind the Veil"
               by   P.D. Moore.   (ISBN:0-9543596-0-7). 

                                   As featured in Life.Info Magazine
  P.D. Moore is a barrister and has written extensively for publishers Sweet & Maxwell.  

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Secrets Behind the Veil explores the supernatural connections between:
* Acupuncture
* Feng Shui
* Oriental Medicine
* Advanced Healing
      * 'Toronto Blessing'
* Speaking in tongues    
* Spiritual Healing
* Yoga/meditation
* Martial arts
* September 11th
* Harry Potter
* Yin & Yang
and much more ...
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"The latest book to cause a stir in the publishing world, Secrets Behind the Veil ... lifts the veil off the secret and the supernatural connections between all the major world religions, the New Age, alternative healing and yoga therapy"

Available now from WHSmith, Blackwells Waterstones, and all good book shops.
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