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Prof. Walter J. Veith

  1. The Genesis Conflict: Putting the Pieces Together - 6 DVDs
  2. Truth Matters - 21 DVDs
  3. Life at it's Best - 5 DVDs

Like the “Total Onslaught” DVD series this DVD series of 3 sets contains 32 DVDs including many of the subjects covered in the powerful "Total Onslaught" series.  

Now only a fraction of the costs - One week Special: just $150.00CAN!

Detailed Description
Truth Matters: a 21 volume set by Walter Veith series is a study of Revelation, and Biblical prophecy. 

2.The Genesis Conflict: 6 DVDs on the creation-evolution debate, with startlingly new revelations in favour of creation which is admitted by the most respected scientists, unwillingly of course!

3. Life at it's Best: 5 DVDs on alternative ways to health; veganism, vegetarianism and the dangers of eating meat, drinking cows milk, etc.:

DVDs with this Life-Style set
  1.  Your Health Your Choice
  2.  Perfect Fuel for Perfect Health
  3.  Sitting on a Time Bomb
  4.  Udderly Amazing
  5.  An Alternative Lifestyle

PLUS a FREE book: Secrets Behind the Veil, What you Don't Know Can Hurt You..., by P.D. Moore.

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