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Harry Potter


QUEEN OF ALL - Queen of Rome - Queen of Islam


140 pages, paperback

Daniel : Understanding the Dreams and Visions

Daniel : Understanding the Dreams and Visions


The Light Behind Masonry, by Bill Schnoebelen

Christ, Muhammad And I

 Mary is She Dead or Alive?

  Pilgrim's Progress

Trinidad and Tobago Inside Guide

Security, Privacy & Complaints



Answers To My Mormon Friends by Thomas F. Heinze
Mormonism's founder was Joseph Smith. All Mormons who read this book will be amazed as they learn about Smith's personal life, starting with his early youth and progressing to his later years. 

* Learn about Joseph Smith and his brushes with the law.
* Read about how, in his younger days, he was found guilty of using occult practices to defraud people.
* Learn of a Mormon historian who concedes that Joseph Smith was the "village magician."

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Additional books by Thomas Heinze


Answers to my Catholic Friends
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Devotional and Bible Readings



Maranatha , E.G. White; Review & Herald Publishing

This prolific author's statements and writings on modern day world events are brought together to form an inspired preview of the times in which we live ...

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Angels & the Supernatural

Battle of the Spirits: Supernatural Forces are Mustering for Earth's Last Battle , G Edward Reid, Review & Herald Publishing

In his typical research style the author depicts in thrilling style the great conflict between the forces of good and those of Middle Earth - Lord of the Rings is no match ...


Angels: We Never Walk Alone , E.G. White; Review & Herald Publishing

The ministry of angels is revealed in this collection of references .... Understand the part angels play in your everyday life ...







 The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional

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