Architecture and Cubism, Edition New ed Blau, Eve, Blau, Eve

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Architecture and Cubism, Edition New ed
Blau, Eve (Adjunct Curator, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Canada), Troy, Nancy J. (Professor of

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ISBN 0262523280 Publisher/Imprint M.I.T. Press
Short Title Architecture & Cubism Author Blau E
Long Title Architecture & Cubism Series  
Sub Title   Regular Price(GBP) 20.95
Medium PAPER Publication Date 18/03/2002
Availability Available Other Edition  
Next ISBN   Carton Size 28
Binding Paperback
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Description This text takes a close look at the widely accepted belief that Cubism forged a vital link between avant-garde practices in early-20th-century painting and architecture. It examines the historical, theoretical and sociopolitical relationships between architecture, painting and other cultural forms.
Table of Contents
    The maison Cubiste and the meaning of modernism in pre-1914 France, David Cottington
    the burden of Cubism - the French imprint on Czech architecture, 1910-1014, Irena Zantovska Murray
    Cubism and the gothic tradition, Kevin D. Murphy
    "architecture" in Leger's essays, 1913-1933, Robert L. Herbert
    architecture of the Cubist poem, Jay Bochner
    the cell in the city, Paul Overy
    where are we?, Beatriz Colomina
    unnatural acts - propositions for a new French garden, 1920-1930, Dorothee Imbert
    Cubistic, Cubic and Cubist, Yve-Alain Bois
    Jeanneret-Le Corbusier, painter-architect, Bruno Reichlin
    anything but literal - Sigried Giedion and the reception of Cubism in Germany, Detlef Mertins.

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