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Bible- KJV Concord Wide Margin Black Goatskin Leather KWM2
Edition: Leather
                                                          ISBN: 0521536987
Price: 220.00
Dimensions: 7.25 x 9
Number of Pages: 1,408
Publication Date: 7 Oct. 03                                             Retail Price: 115.00

Our Price: 100.00, plus a free copy of Secrets Behind the Veil (normally priced at 10.50 incl.)  


Compare our price with: Swot Books: 109.25: History Bookshop: 117.95; Blackwells: 120.00; WHSmith: 122.99.

Description: Generous wide-margins all around the text, a clear typeface and increased inter-line spacing are features that make this Bible very special. The Concord Wide-Margin Edition is extremely popular with KJV Bible scholars. It features wide margins all around the text for verse-by-verse annotations, as well as centre-column cross-references, a glossary, concordance, 15 colour maps and the Translators' Preface. This special Bible, for the discerning Bible scholar, offers the much admired Concord text in a superlative flexible black goatskin leather binding, edge-lined with Kidrel. It is printed on a smooth, opaque and resilient paper with art-gilt edges, and includes two ribbon markers to help find the reader's place.

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