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We sell the following Bibles:

Title: Ultra Trim Bible: King James Version (KJV), burgundy
bonded leather with snap flap
Price: 23 Pounds Sterling each (
plus a free copy of Secrets Behind the Veil (normally priced at 10.50 incl.)  


Description:  Commissioned by King James I in the early 1600's and published first in 1611, the authentic King James version Bible has been the world's most universally accepted translation for almost four centuries. Crafted in a poetic literary style using Elizabethan English, the King James Version is one of the most distinctive Bibles available. First complete Bible published in the slim, trim format that fits perfectly into pocket or purse.

1. New Jerusalem Bible Standard Hardback, ISBN 0 2325.1650 2 - List Price each: 40.00 Our Price: 38.00

2. New Jerusalem Bible Pocket Hardback, ISBN 0 2325.1890 4  - List Price each: 9.95   Our Price: 8.95

3. New Jerusalem Bible Pocket Zip Black, ISBN 0 2325.1891 2  - List Price each: 24.95 Our Price: 23.95

4. New Jerusalem Bible Pocket Zip Red, ISBN 0 2325.1892 0  - List Price each: 24.95   Our Price: 23.95

5. New Jerusalem Bible Reader's Hardback, ISBN 0 2325.1930 7  - List Price each: 14.95  Our Price: 13.95

6. New Jerusalem Bible Study Edition, ISBN 0 2325.2077 1   - List Price each: 19.95    Our Price: 18.95

7. New Jerusalem Bible New Testament, ISBN 0 2325.1966 8   - List Price each: 9.95    Our Price: 8.95

8. New Jerusalem Bible  Present Leather, ISBN 0 2325.2312 6  White - List Price each: 24.95 Our Price: 23.95

9. New Jerusalem Bible  Children's Illustrated, ISBN 0 2332 0   - List Price each: 16.95      Our Price: 15.95

10. New Jerusalem Bible New Testament Harback, ISBN 0 2325.1621 9   - List Price each:  9.95 Our Price: 8.95

11. New Jerusalem Bible Popular Cloth, ISBN 0 1910.00010 - List Price each: 14.95      Our Price: 13.95

12. New Jerusalem Bible B/Gift Imitation Leather White, ISBN 0 2325.1891 2  - List Price each: 14.99 Our Price: 13.99

13. New Jerusalem Bible B/Gift Imitation Leather Red,  ISBN 0 1910.00010 - List Price each 14.99 Our Price: 13.99

Delivery Charge for Bibles: 2.50 for single orders. All orders come with a free complimentary book or magazine from our associated publishers.

4.60 for three books  
           4.35 for the four books  
           1.00 for all additional books, purchased in the same 
              order (up to 10 books). 
Free delivery: for orders over 40.00.

Payment: You can pay by cheque, credit card or postal order.

To pay  by credit card please telephone: 020 8367 3432.

To pay by cheque or postal order: make payable to: "Lux-Verbi Books" and sent to:  

Lux-Verbi Books, P.O. Box 556, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3NN.

More Bibles...

Biblical Handbooks:

Handbook on the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy


by Hamilton, Victor P.
ISBN 0801042593
August 1, 1982
Published by Baker Book House

list price 28.99


Story of the OldTestament



Candle Books/Baker House

Publication Date






List Price



The Story of the Old Testament is for the Christian who wants to know what the Old Testament has to do with the New Testament and why the Christian should read it. This is a comprehensive survey of the Old Testament organised around its authors and major characters. The Story of the Old Testament benefits from Dr Motyer's career of Old Testament study and mastery of the Hebrew text. Edited by John Stott this is a valuable resource material for all.


Genesis 18-50

Hamilton, Victor P.

Harrison, R. K.




The second of Victor P. Hamilton's two-volume study of Genesis for the NICOT series, this prodigious and scholarly work provides linguistic, literary, and theological commentary on Genesis 18-50. Beginning with Abraham's reception of the three visitors and his intercession before Yahweh on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 18) and continuing through the end of the Joseph story (Gen. 50), the overarching theme of Hamilton's commentary is Yahweh's faithfulness to his promised word and his covenant commitments to those whom he has chosen to receive that promised word. Special features of this commentary include its serious attention to important matters of biblical translation from the Hebrew language into English, copious footnotes that direct readers to further and more extensive sources of information, and frequent references to the New Testament writers' reading of Genesis. Hamilton's work will greatly benefit scholars, seminarians, and pastors who seek solid exegesis of the Bible's foundational book.

Full Bibliography


Genesis 18-50


Chapters 18-50


Harrison, R. K.



Library Congress











Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company



Weight (grammes)


Published In

Grand Rapids

Series Editor

Hubbard, Robert L.

Series Title

The New International Commentary on the Old Testament

Other Spiritual titles

Foxe's Book of Martyrs  

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