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Unstoppable Black people - how to be successful in spite of the odds  ISBN 0-9543596-4-X

Price: 14.99
New publication date: May 2005  


*The African Origin of Civilization : Myth or Reality - by Cheikh Anta Diop, Mercer Cook (Editor)

List Price:   16.95
Price:   14.50
You Save:   2.45
This book by Diop is very critical and convincing in its arguments. I personally still cannot understand how people can be confused as to the identity of many of the pharaohs: by simply looking at their statues, I see blacks, even without colour. When I first analyzed the identity of the ancient...

*Terry Mcmillan ISBN 0312267851 STK


*Bill Cosby ISBN 0870675966 STK


* Profile of Great Black Americans ISBN 0451192753 NLA


* Mandella - Black nationalist ISBN 0870675699 O/P


* I0 Good Choices That EMPOWER Black Women's Lives ISBN 0-609-80717-X ST


* Sydney Poitier ISBN 0870675664 TOS


*Sojourner Truth ISBN 0870675591TOS


*Jesse Owens  ISBN 0870675672 STK


* Mary Mcleod Bethune ISBN 0870677837 STK


* Great Black Americans  ISBN 0870678477 (A book of 24 postcards of great/influential black Americans) TOS


* Muhammad Ali  ISBN 0870675745 TOS


* Michael Jordan ISBN 0822597691 O/P


* Venus and Serena Williams ISBN 0822598663 R/P


* New System of Slavery ISBN 1870518187 STK


* When Chicken Heads Come Home to Roost  ISBN 068486861X NLA


*Black Like me ISBN 0451192036 NLA


* Hero With an African Face, The   ISBN 0553378686 STK


* Black People Who Made the Old West ISBN 086543364X STK


* Yesterday I cried ISBN 0671029681 TOS


* The Great Investment ISBN 0425183459 STK


* Pride of Black British Women ISBN 1870518349 TOS


* Women of Substance ISBN 187051856X STK


* The Keys to Conflict Resolution ISBN 1568582013 (2001 edn.) STK

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