This first hand advice filled with humour and anecdotes will explain how to teach your children to behave at home, in restaurants, airports, trains and public places.

Even if you think your children's behaviour in public leaves you in need of psycological help, this book explains how to turn bad behaviour into good in a matter of weeks. Imagine actually receiving compliments on your children's behaviour and manners. Yes, it is possible and no, it's not difficult. You will be happier and less stressed and your children will be happier, more respectful, more popular with their friends and teachers (oh yes that helps) and dare I say, exactly what you thought having a family should be like.

The good news is it's never too early to start or too late to learn.

"'Yes, please. Thanks!' is a gem of a book. Much more than a book about manners, it's chock full of sensible suggestions and clever ways to reduce toddler and teenage tantrums. Full of humour, it's readable too. I wish it had been around years ago, when my four children were small."
Sue Leonard, National Union of Journalists.

"Penny Palmano has done us all a huge favour in writing this book - read it!"
Harriet Griffey, journalist and childcare writer

"Mum and author, Penny Palmano writes a book called, 'Yes, please. Thanks!' And all hell breaks loose. Do I welcome a book on good manners for children? Absolutely."
Vanessa Feltz in the Daily Express.

"Well done, Penny."
Richard Finnegan on the Richard and Judy Show.

"Author Penny Palmano has come up with an idea that is as brilliant in its old-fashioned simplicity as 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves'. Her book, 'Yes, please. Thanks!' aims to teach our children good manners.
Terence Blackler, The Independent.

The author has appeared on BBC News 24. She has also been interviewed on over 24 BBC local radio shows plus The Jeremy Vine Show, Radio Five and Woman's Hour.

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Yes, Please. Thanks, Penny Palmano.

Explains how to teach your children to behave at home, and abroad.

Panic Publishing

ISBN: 0952039613

Price: £9.99