Human Rights

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Human Rights
A Practical Guide for Managers

Author: Peter Villiers

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Peter Villiers
Peter Villiers is Head of Human Rights at the National Police Staff College at Bramshill, Hampshire, UK, where he has worked since 1986. He is currently involved in training senior police officers in the UK and overseas in human rights, and is the author of a number of books including a national survival guide on human rights for police leaders.

Paperback - 216x135mm - ISBN:0749436301 - 176 Pages - October 2001

The Human Rights Act is the most significant constitutional change to have occurred in the UK for over 300 years. Human Rights: A Practical Guide for Managers reveals that the Act is creating a quiet revolution, which no one will be able to resist or ignore, least of all managers who have a responsibility to uphold these rights for themselves and others.

This practical guide sets out to demystify human rights and to explore the responsibilities that will fall to managers under this new legislation. It is not a legal tome but a succinct and readable guide written for non-lawyers. The book will help any manager to:

  • know the background to human rights;
  • understand the legal, moral, political and organizational issues involved;
  • be aware of their own rights and responsibilities;
  • be able to evaluate what their organization needs to do to operate effectively and in accordance with the law at home and abroad.

Packed with explanatory case studies and knowledge checks throughout, this is a handy and practical guide that will help readers grasp the issues and responsibilities surrounding the new Human Rights Act and apply its principles at work.



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