Publishing for Profit

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Publishing for Profit
Successful Bottom Line Management for Book Publishers

Author: Thomas Woll

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Paperback - 234x153mm - ISBN:0749429402 - 300 Pages - Feb 1999

As an industry characterized by equally large numbers of start-ups and business failures, publishing is an attractive activity too often undertaken with too little regard for profitability. This thoroughly researched guide to the business is designed to correct that failing. The book sets out to provide a framework and structure for the many people who come new to publishing or who want to broaden their expertise. It is a practical information-provider that will help readers to understand, manage and control both the planning process and the full range of publishing functions that must happen on a daily basis, describing: research and objective-setting finance editorial process production and manufacturing sales and marketing rights. Relevant to small and large publishing companies alike, the guide will direct readers towards an initial publishing plan and offer expert advice on essential profitability tactics.