Brave Enough to be Afraid ISBN 1-904444-20-2, D. Martyn Heath

Book Description: Drawing on his own experiences of coping with disability, D. Martyn Heath presents a selection of thought-provoking, one-line quotations, intended to inspire, motivate and encourage those who are facing obstacles in life, as well as to challenge our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, and nurture positive attitudes that reach beyond the confines of physical disability and individual circumstances.
Everyone’s path in life is unique; so don’t expect these quotations to provide quick-fix solutions to life’s problems. They sow the seeds, but life is an individual journey of learning and self-discovery, for delving into the hidden riches of our inner self and drawing on the manifold hidden resources that lay undiscovered within us.
The quotations are to the point, stand alone in their own right and will speak to each individual in a personal and pertinent way, their very succinctness magnifying their impact. The overall message is clear: we only get one shot at this life, whatever our circumstances or disabilities, so let’s make the most of the time we’ve been given and meet our challenges head on.
There’s more to each of us…
than our mere bodies suggest.



















About the Author: D. Martyn Heath was born with a rare pectus excavatum deformity, which constricts his upper body movements and his breathing. In 2002, at the age of 26, he suffered his fourth stroke. He lives in South Ockendon where he is the editor of a small poetry magazine, The Once Orange Badge Poetry Supplement, for disabled writers.

Below are some of the reader's comments...

"The title of this beautiful book speaks volumes...
Each time I read the verses, I find new meanings in each one." - Ermine Hibbert
"I found this an excellent, uplifting book full of wisdom which would lift anyone from their depression or indeed any other illness or burden." - Angela Morkos
"Try to read more than one page of this book without saying something out loud, it's harder than you think"
- Vicky Stevens
"A textbook in over-coming adversity... It offers optimism and guidance in a book you can dip into
time and time again" - Alan Pow
"What a pearl of wisdom!  So much to digest.
I select a quote a day to brighten up my inner-self"
- Jane McCarthy
"I observed complex strands of genius within this book - and was so grateful for it. It only took ten minutes to skim read and then hours (maybe a lifetime) to get to grips with the content."
- Anna McKenzie
"Pungent, Sharp-witted wisdom relevant to everyone on the planet! Each page holds a truth that offers a course of action. The Author is on a journey few have taken; and has seen things even fewer want to articulate." - Oskar Lapa
"The depth of this book goes far beyond word and pages. I've learned more about myself in this short read than I have in the last 20 years. Every anxiety sufferer should read this book."
- Lauren Tilson
"There are some deep truths in this book!
This book is written with the best intentions from a very human heart." - Les Williamson