Conveyancing Handbook

Wills, Administration and Taxation, A Practical Guide Barlow, John S., et al.,

Property Law and Practice, Edition 11th edn.

Practical Approach to Conveyancing, A Abbey, Robert M.,Richards, Mark B.

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Conveyancing Handbook, Fances Silverman Law Soc.

Publisher Law Soc.
Publication Date 01/05/2002
Binding Cloth
ISBN 1853287423
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£69.95. (Our Price: 60.95 plus £3.50 p&p)  


Description: This authoritative handbook, now in its ninth edition, provides quick and reliable access to the most up-to-date law and practice in conveyancing. Written in a user friendly and accessible style, the handbook is designed to help resolve the many problems conveyancers encounter on a daily basis. It provides comprehensive coverage of key areas as well as peripheral matters such as advertising, selling, costs, undertakings, remedies and money laundering. Useful appendices include sections on rules and codes, guidance, mortgage fraud, the protocol, standard forms, costs and fees, websites and much more. The handbook also contains an extensive list of essential contacts, including local authorities, search providers, probate registries and land registries.



Property Law and Practice, Edition 11th ed
Silverman, Frances
Butt, P.
LPC Series

Publisher Jordans/College of Law Publishing
Publication Date 05/08/2003
Binding Paperback
ISBN 0853088888
List Price


£34.95. (Our Price: £28.95, plus p&p)



Practical Approach to Conveyancing, A Abbey, Robert M.,Richards, Mark B.,

Publisher Oxf.U.P.
Publication Date 05/08/2004
Binding Paperback
ISBN 0199268177
List Price   

£51.99 Our Price: £45.99


Description A Practical Approach to Conveyancing takes a practical, yet detailed, approach to conveyancing. It provides practical solutions to everyday problems encountered by conveyancing practitioners wishing to offer a cost-effective and efficient service, a valuable text for students on the Legal Practice Course wishing to have a more practical view of Property Law. It contains key point summaries in every chapter; checklists; precedent documents; clauses and forms that provide the blueprint for highly effective procedural structures; detailed explanations on residential leasehold transactions and the contents of the modern lease; as well as a number of suggestions to save time and money. This book examines Commercial Conveyancing, in particular lease renewals, commercial mortgages, and pre-contract enquiries suitable for commercial properties, whilst still comprehensively covering residential conveyancing issues. New checklists and summaries have been added throughout the text to make the style even more accessible.

Practical Approach to Conveyancing, A Abbey, Robert,Richards, Mark,
   Paperback, 01/08/2005 Oxf.U.P. £42.99 (Coming Soon)
ISBN 0199281351 (Aug.)

Practical Approach to Commercial Conveyancing and Property, A Abbey, Robert M.,Richards, Mark,
   Paperback, 12/06/2003 Oxf.U.P. £36.95

Publisher Oxf.U.P.
Publication Date 12/06/2003
Binding Paperback, Pages: 511
ISBN 0199266190
List Price 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0199266197
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 15.2 x 2.8 cm
  •  £46.99  Our Price: £38.99 (subject to availability)

    Description Now in its second edition, this successful text offers practical advice and solutions in the complex area of commercial conveyancing and property. It provides detailed explanations of the structure and content of the modern business lease including rent review, lease covenants, and service charges, and includes a point-by-point study of the termination and renewal procedures with reference to the relevant legislative covenants. Remedies are also considered, including forfeiture and the enforcement of leasehold covenants, and the authors provide a thorough evaluation of property development issues, including land acquisition, contaminated land issues, planning, construction, and finance. This edition embraces important developments in commercial property law and practice over the last two years, including the impact of important cases and statutes such as the Land Registration Act 2002. The authors also examine the updated Code of Practice for Commercial Leases, which is gaining significance both in the negotiation of new leases and for dealings between the parties during the lease term.

    Wills, Administration and Taxation, A Practical Guide Barlow, John S., et al.,
    Publisher Sweet & M.
    Publication Date 09/07/2003
    Binding Paperback
    ISBN 0421799609
    List Price   

    £45.00 - Our Price: £38.50


    Description Barlow, King and King applies a practical approach to a subject which forms a large part of the work of many solicitors. It deals comprehensively with tax considerations, the substantive law and also covers in detail drafting, probate practice and procedure. With its precedents, examples of frequently used forms and worked examples, it presents a clear, practical picture of the operation of the law. This edition has been fully updated to take account of the latest developments in the law including the Trustee Act 2000. Where relevant, changes in practice resulting from the Civil Procedure Rules 1999 are integrated into the text. It also includes a wealth of case law such as Re Woolnough and IRC v Eversden.


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