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‘A key component in assessing business practices in Libya.’

‘A useful and valuable guide for all parties interested in doing business in Libya.’
Mohamed Fezzani, Deputy Chief Executive, BRITISH ARAB COMMERCIAL BANK

‘I recommend Doing Business with Libya as the A to Z guide for anyone interested in the commerce, business or governance of Libya.’
Professor Robert Springborg, Director, LONDON MIDDLE EAST INSTITUTE, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

‘Now that UN sanctions have finally been lifted, and US sanctions must be under review, many companies will be taking a fresh look at the Libyan market. Information is hard to find, and this handbook is the best possible introduction.’
Oliver Miles CMG, Former British Ambassador to Libya and Former Head of North Africa and Middle East Department, FCO, London

Libya is increasingly drawing the attention of international business and the recent suspension of United Nations Sanctions has led to the restoration of traditional ties with many foreign governments and multinationals.

Libya has one of the highest GDP per capita incomes in the developing world and the country has vast potential. Although Libya’s economic mainstay is still the oil and gas industry, the government increasingly pursues economic diversification. With an educated population and abundant natural resources, there are significant opportunities for rapid growth in the years to come.

This second edition of Doing Business with Libya is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the latest developments in all aspects of doing business in Libya.

Topics covered include:

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