The first edition of Doing Business with Slovakia provides a definitive business guide to the economy and business environment, a background on finance, accountancy and taxation, an update on market potential in key industry sectors and unique best practice on all aspects of trading and investing with Slovakia.

The national referendum in May 2003 sealed Slovakia's entry to the European Union in May 2004. Although turnout was low at 52 per cent, more than 90 per cent of those taking part voted in favour of joining the European Union. However, as Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda points out in his stimulating foreword to this book, there are still major economic challenges for the Slovak Republic to face in the next few years.

For foreign companies that have taken the decision to engage in Slovakia, a working knowledge of the legal system, regulatory framework, taxation, and audit and accountancy regimes is essential preparation for taking advantage of the opportunities for investment or market-entry initiatives. A thorough understanding of general economic and business conditions and of key manufacturing and service industries in which a market entrant intends to do business is equally important.

information for the book and the Web site has been supplied by a unique network of contacts in Slovakia including Bank Austria, SARIO and Teamconsult. Other valuable sources include local offices of Deloitte and Touche, CMS Cameron McKenna and also a business risk assessment supplied by Coface.

Topics covered include:

Doing Business with Slovakia is an invaluable guide to business practice and trading opportunities and provides up-to-the-minute information regarding market potential and all aspects of doing business in and with Slovakia.

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A unique user password supplied with this book allows readers to access a complementary Web site. This provides easy access to the material in a clear searchable format. It also allows the contributors and publisher to keep readers up-to-date with latest developments and to update chapters as and when it is relevant.