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January 31, 2005 - Mary online article

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Fatima Deceptions

Dear reader you will find these daily devotionals powerful stimuli to spiritual growth in in view of all the unpredictable and horrific events taking place in our world today and, the deceptions in the Visions of Fatima.

For sure many of the devastating things supposedly predicted at Fatima will happen, but these things have already been prophesied of/predicted in the Scriptures, so it is dishonest to claim that they were first revealed at Fatima. Furthermore, the various reason given for the coming catastrophes are also false! In any event, the 'Virgin' Mary is dead and is no longer a virgin, as she had children with Joseph after the birth of Christ. She is not in Heaven (nor is she the "Queen of Heaven") and has no special communion with God. She is in her grave, somewhere in the Middle East. 

Indeed, Mary did allow the Lord to use her mightily; and now she awaits the resurrection of the just and faithful! Mary Worship and Mariology is therefore idolatry and an abomination to the Lord - see Jeremiah 44:18-22 and the warning against the worship of the so called, "Queen of Heaven. Further, Jesus himself expressly speaks against the adoration of Mary - see Luke 11:27-28.

As was said earlier, "Indeed, Mary did allow the Lord to use her mightily". and for that a blessing awaits her. However, she is now dead; and she awaits the resurrection of the just and faithful!  Ask your priest or church leader to show your a single texts in the Bible that says Mary was resurrected and went to Heaven or that she was taken to Heaven prior to her death. Where is it written? Apart from the Catholic Church's own dogmas. Do you know that Jesus himself expressly speaks against the adoration of Mary - see Luke 11:27-28.

In 1992 the Roman Catholic catechism says the Saints and Mary continue to bring us the merits of salvation under the titles "advocate, helper, benefactress, mediator and Queen of Heaven".  This is no more than a resurrection of that old pagan practice condemned in Jeremiah 44:18-22. Why don't you take the time to read it now. If we really believe in Jesus Christ and God the Father, we will believe and listen to His Holy Word. In that Word Mary worship is condemned and forbidden.

They have made her 'immaculate', although she was the wife of a carpenter, and had sexual relations to produce the half brothers of Jesus. Further, Jesus himself expressly speaks against the adoration of Mary - see Luke 11:27-28.

The question naturally begs to be answered is, 'Why does Mary receive this
kind of honour which are due only to God?'
Many pagan nations worshipped a female goddess with a child. The Egyptians for example  worshipped Isis and the boy Horus, the former of whom is the original of the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholic Church. 

These devotionals will tell you the truth about the coming disasters and why they will occur. Most importantly, how you can been secure!  

























































In many churches on the continent of Europe, the Virgin Mary is represented with a lily or lotus in her hand. This plant was sacred to Isis; and was and still is held in reverence by the priests of India. The month of May was sacred to Isis. Today it is called by the Papists "Mary's month."

And last but not least, the 25th of March was dedicated  by ancient Phrygians to the mother of the Gods, which very day, among Catholics and some Protestant imitators, is called 'Lady's Day'.

Now none of this impeaches in any way the truth of Christianity. What it proves is that the Roman Church pays those idolatrous tributes to the Virgin Mary, which the pagan offered up to Isis in Egypt, and to Venus in Rome.

Your confidence is Mary is seriously mistaken. Mary is dead and will remain in her grave until Christ comes the Second time.

God's Word declares the Papacy is a false system of worship, and Mariology is one of its greatest deceptions. It is a lie of Satan. God's Word said that the "dead know nothing..." - Ecclesiastes 9: 5, 6, 10. Mariology is spiritism, or spiritualism, which is extensively written about in the book, Secrets behind the Veil.

In ancient witchcraft it was taught that the pagan messiah "Tammuz," was the incarnation of the Sun-god and the son of the Moon-goddess (the Queen of Heaven). In Jeremiah 7:18 God condemned this ancient worship of these pagan gods: "The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the
women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger."

Today the Catholic Church performs this ritual every Sunday in the Mass – in the serving of the wine and white circular cake, or wafer - in honour of Mary who they call "The Queen of Heaven".

What a coincidence then that the name of the pagan goddess the Israelites worshipped and dedicated similar cakes to was called Ashtaroth - Judges 2:13, the ancient pagan Romans named her Venus, the goddess of love. Today the Roman Catholic Church calls her Mary.

It is in Catholic "Tradition" not in the Bible, that you find such things as baptismal regeneration, transubstantiation, confession to a priest, temporal punishment, indulgencies, purgatory, Mary's immaculate conception, her
assumption into heaven to work as a co-saviour with Christ; and of course the keeping of Sunday.

Let God and His Word be true and every man a liar. So say the Scriptures.