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Final Events DVD SET

by Manjit Biant

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Have you ever wondered if Nostradamas was right? He claimed that the next Pope to come will be during the time of Armageddon!
Have you ever wondered why there are an increasing number of supernatural occurrences and ghost appearances?
Have you ever wondered why there are an increasing number of UFO sightings?
Take an inside look into the signs and spiritual wonders being manifested in the religious world today. See first hand from God's Word what is soon to transpire, and build faith in the Bible as the inspired word of a loving Creator who you can trust. Translated into 10 languages including Chinese, French, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian & Bulgarian.


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Have you ever shown an interest in Prophecy?
Have you ever wondered about the increasing fascination of Hollywood with the future, Armageddon and The Day After?
Have you ever wondered what 666 is and means?
Have you ever wondered who or what the Beast is in Bible Prophecy?
Have you ever wondered what the mark of the Beast is?
Have you ever wondered will you be Left Behind?
Have you ever wondered who the Antichrist is? Is it really Damien with 666 written on his head?

Well The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD will help you to unravel and unlock the amazing truths of Earth's last days!!! Stunning visuals and special effects will lead you through the last days to when the Earth will be restored to its Edenic wonder!! Find out more about the amazing Seven Final Events of Bible Prophecy!!!.


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