The Prophecy Code - Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD Set
   Hosted by Doug Batchelor

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"The Prophecy Code"
Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD Set

Publishers: Amazing Facts

This DVD has everything you need to know about earth's last days! Bible Secrets Unlocked!

Take an inside look into the signs and spiritual wonders being manifested in the religious world today. 

12.75 incl. p&p (plus free book
Note: Delivery currently 1-2 weeks



This fast-paced documentary hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor has all the amazing truth about the signs of the end, Christ's return, the millennium, and more.

Full of Bible references and high-resolution special effects to keep viewers informed and interested, it's the perfect answer to the false prophecy teachings so popular today! Reach out with the truth in a whole new way! An awesome resource to share in a study group, with neighbors, or anyone else you know!

Full 40-minute documentary, an encyclopedia of biblical facts with hundreds of pages of information, informative pop-ups, animations, audio answers to tough Bible questions, and so much more!

* DVD contains content included on CD ROM version for computer access.

Order 2 copies today and receive an extra special free gift book. 

Minimum requirements: Windows 98 or newer, 700 Mhz or greater processor, and 256 MB of RAM. For Macs you will need Mac OS X and at least a G4 with 256 MB of RAM.

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