"Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law"    
Osman, Christopher,Smith, Ian

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Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law  (Looseleaf  Encyclopaedia)
Osman, Christopher,Smith, Ian,
ISBN: 0406048118
Edition: 2005
Publisher: Butterworth/LexisNexis UK
Binding: Cloth, 01/02/2000 
List Price: 578.00
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Item Specifics - Educational, Textbooks
Product Type: Legal
  Educational Level: Professional
"Harvey on Employment Law is the leading practitioners' work on this subject. 

Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law is the complete compendium of industrial relations and employment law and practice in six binders. It analyses the law, clarifies obscure passages and points of difficulty and fills in the practical background. The texts of all the relevant statutes and statutory instruments are set out in full, with detailed annotations. A comprehensive division of precedents completes this work. The service includes monthly bulletins providing summaries of recent legislative changes and cases, all fully cross-referenced to the main work. Plus - Harvey Employment Cases, a 6th volume dedicated to key employment cases drawn from IDS Employment Cases with expert commentary. A separate bound index is also provided for ease of use. With regular looseleaf updates all your information can be assured of being up to date and accurate.The service is available on CD-ROM as part of the Butterworths Employment Law Service, bringing all the added benefits of electronic delivery such as enhanced search facilities and hypertext links. Six looseleaf volumes, six service issues approx. per year (invoiced separately on publication)."


All six volumes (plus index) are well maintained. It is updated up to 2005.  The most recent update (issue 172, just published) is included. Subscriptions to the updating service are available from LexisNexis. 

There are six updates issued each year.

NOTE: There is normally a 7-10 days delivery time.

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