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Looking for a cheaper price on a book you found in another bookshop or just can't find that special book elsewhere? Send us an email. We'll do the rest.  
High quality books for less

Lux-Verbi provides the right book solution for your academic, professional, spiritual and life-style needs:

Cost effective - Lux-Verbi delivers high quality books for less. We can to do this for a number of reasons, for example:

  • You don't pay for our book storage rates                                         Lux-Verbi's customer don't have to subsidize our cost of storage because being primarily an internet bookshop we don't have to pay any.


  • No salesman - We run an efficient operation with no full time marketing or sales team so you don't have to pay their salaries (and we don't think you'll miss them). We've concentrated instead on cutting costs, delivery and customer service.


  • High volume - Lux-Verbi provide books in volume as well as in small numbers allowing us to take the small orders as well as the big ones and so gain the efficiencies of volume - reducing the cost per site.


Lux-Verbi - great books at great prices