Jehovah Witness - "the Watchtower's Coming Crisis". Will the Watchtower Society Survive

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          Jehovah Witness - "the Watchtower's Coming Crisis"           

The Watchtower's Coming Crisis - Will the Watchtower Society survive?

Title: "the Watchtower's Coming Crisis" - Will the Watchtower Society Survive
Author: Daniel Rodriguez  
Category: Book  
Publication:  2009  
Format: book, 64 pages, paperback  
Price: $12.99  
ISBN: 9780758907417
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A devastating crisis has the Jehovah's Witness religion facing extinction.

Chances are that you have never met a real “Jehovah’s Witness.” While those at your door may claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, their own publications plainly teach otherwise. So, who are the real Jehovah’s Witnesses?

That's because the real Jehovah's Witnesses are only those who belong to the select group of 144,000 who had come into the fold by 1935, and they are getting very old. All the rest are second-class members.

This is producing a huge crisis for JWs. Watchtower articles, which are used to control the whole organization, are written by a member of the 144,000. And these leaders are quickly dying off. This coming leadership crisis offers a great witnessing opportunity.

In this book, Daniel Rodriguez explains how the Watchtower Society got into this mess, how they are trying to wiggle out of it, and how you can use it to reach Jehovah's Witnesses when they come to your door.

The Watchtower representative at your door believes he will remain on “Paradise Earth” after the coming Armageddon, since only the original 144,000 have any hope of going to heaven. In fact, they are the only ones allowed to take communion. He does not believe he can understand Bible truths without the Watchtower. He is dependent on a publication that, one day soon, will be left without writers to reveal God’s truths. Who are those writers? Those who remain of the original 144,000 and they are dying!

Oddly enough, their founder, Charles Taze Russell, never taught the doctrine of the 144,000. In this book, you will learn the true history of this false Watchtower doctrine. You will be surprised to discover that this doctrine is not just a Bible issue. It is also a historical issue and a numbers game that the Watchtower Society has had to manipulate throughout the years to keep that organization alive!

With the information and witnessing strategies in this book, you will be able to plant seeds of doubt and undermine the authority of the Watchtower. The Watchtower knows it is essential that this cornerstone doctrine remain alive if it is going to continue to exist as the spiritual leader for its followers. Time is the enemy of this teaching and they know it.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Faithful and Discreet Slave: A Brief History
Chapter 2 - Who Was the Faithful and Discreet Slave?
Chapter 3 - Gathering the Watchtower's 144,000
        144,000: The Aging Class
        "Replacing" The 144,000
        144,000: A Sealed Number
        The Bible's 144,000
Chapter 4 - Joseph Franklin Rutherford's Prophetic Errors
        Rutherford's Books
Chapter 5- A Major Change
Chapter 6 - Your Witnessing Strategy
        Getting Started
        The Presentation
Chapter 7 - Who Exactly is Going to Heaven?

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