‘Français! Français - Resources CD-ROM and COMPLETE PACKAGE
Specifically designed to enable teachers to gain the maximum from The ‘Français! Français!’ Book and CD collection. With over 30 topics to choose from, simply print out resources when required!
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Flash Cards

A5 colour flash cards with the picture and word (masculine words in blue and feminine words in red).

A5 colour flash cards with the picture only.

A5 flash cards with the picture and word as an outline so they can be printed off on a black and white printer and coloured in by pupils.

These flash cards can be printed out, stuck back to back and laminated, so that one side features only the picture and the other side features the word and picture.

These can be then used for presentation, and countless games such as 'memory' or 'Irish bingo' etc.,


Display Songs 

Each song and rap can be printed out to form a display song. Print each page and if possible laminate them, then stick them together in a long line.  These can hang permanently in the classroom, or can be easily stored in a file until required.

These are a perfect instant revision tool!

5 minutes to go at the end of a lesson?  Revise a topic by singing the song or rapping the rap!


Activity Cards

These are picture and word cards that can be used for listening activities, or cut up for games such as pairs, pelmansim, matching, 'show and say'Ýand 'speaking dice' etc.,


Assessment Sheets

These are quick easy assessments where the pupil simply has to put the number in the box that matches the word. Pupils can mark their own work and create a profile of their own results.


Songs / Raps

These sheets can be used by teachers for sing-along sheets, homework, and gap filling etc.,

Further Information & ordering of Français! Français!’ Book collection

A 'read me' file on the CD-ROM explains all the activities in more detail.

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CDs purchased with the book do not include full colour insert in French & English as this features in the book.

Book including 3 CDs (£53.99 each)


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