Cluster Analysis (Fourth Edition),
Brian S. Everitt, Sabine Landau, Morven Leese

2001. ISBN 0 340 76119 9 (hardback)

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Published by: Arnold
Cluster analysis comprises a range of methods for classifying multivariate data into subgroups. By organising multivariate data into such subgroups, clustering can help reveal the characteristics of any structure or patterns present. These techniques are applicable in a wide range of areas such as medicine, psychology and market research. This fourth edition of the highly successful Cluster Analysis represents a thorough revision of the third edition and covers new and developing areas such as classification likelihood and neural networks for clustering. Real life examples are used throughout to demonstrate the application of the theory, and figures are used extensively to illustrate graphical techniques. The book is comprehensive yet relatively non-mathematical, focusing on the practical aspects of cluster analysis. Key Features: * Up-to-date information on the
available software packages * Helpful and practical suggestions for applying clustering techniques and evaluating results * Detailed descriptions of recent methods along with numerous examples showing the applications of cluster analysis Readership: Postgraduate students of statistics; researchers in areas such as medicine, sociology and market research