Mental health Publications with bright and visionary perspectives

Managing Mental Health Services
Author:  Amanda Reynolds  Graham Thornicroft
Publisher: Open University Press Binding: Paperback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 0335198333 Pub Date: 30 Jun 1999  OUR PRICE: 2
This is as practical publication designed to help managers of mental health services cope, survive and constructively fulfil their role. It has been written to help managers to function in an increasingly complex mental health service arena.

Rethinking the Sociology of Mental Health
Editor:  Joan Busfield
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers Binding: Paperback  Availability: Special Order
ISBN: 0631221859 Pub Date: 31 Aug 2000  OUR PRICE: 2

Taking Over the Asylum
Author:  Marian Barnes   Ric Bowl
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Binding: Paperback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 0333740912 Pub Date: 09 Nov 2000  OUR PRICE:


Promotion of Mental Health : 2000, Vol 7
Editor:  Michael C. Murray   Colin A. Reed
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited Binding: Hardback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 075461722X Pub Date: 02 Aug 2001  OUR PRICE: 4


Promoting Collaboration in Primary Mental Health Care
Editor:  Peter Nolan   Francis Badger
Publisher: Nelson Thornes Binding: Paperback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 0748758747 Pub Date: 20 Mar 2002  List price: OUR PRICE: 1
The Portable Lawyer for Mental Health Professionals
Author:  Barton E. Bernstein   Thomas L. Hartsell Jr
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc Binding: Paperback  Availability: Special Order
ISBN: 047124869X Pub Date: 29 Sep 1998  OUR PRICE:


Women, Health and the Mind
Editor:  Lorraine Sherr   Janet St Lawrence
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd Binding: Paperback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 0471998796 Pub Date: 17 Feb 2000  List price: OUR PRICE:
Collaborative Community Mental Health Care
Editor:  Sue Ritter  Mary Watkins  Jerome Carson  Nick Hervey
Publisher: Arnold Binding: Paperback  Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN: 0340542411 Pub Date: 02 Feb 1995  OUR PRICE:


Psychology at Work
Peter B. Warr,  Fifth Edition
Publisher: Penguin Binding: Paperback Availability: Immediately Available
ISBN 0141000104 | Mar 2002 | 10 x 198mm | 384 pages |Our Price: 1


Applied psychology in work settings has made considerable progress in the 30 years since the original version of this book was published. This new collection of essays aims to illustrate both the empirical and practical richness of the field as well as its theoretical development. The chapters cover psychological processes, the study of groups and workteams, and the nature of complex organizations as a whole. Reflecting recent developments in psychology as well as society generally, topics range from skill and workload, shiftwork, personnel selection, training and careers, and the effects of new technology, leadership and management, to job stress and well-being, women in employment, corporate culture and processes of organizational change.