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Panorama Of Prophecy

Presenter                                  Doug Batchelor    (See further down to order)  


The Ultimate Bible Study Tool – contains 24 Bible Studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation and other important Bible doctrines, contains 20 Hours of Audio, over 2000 colour pictures, vast electronic library containing many books including the Conflict of The ages Series and articles, also contains a free working copy of the Quick Verse starter pack (see details further down this page). It also contains Spurgeons Works and Bible Commentary along with King James Bible. Over £80 worth of material on this one CD. Each presentation ranges from 44 to 59 minutes.

This Bible software you will discover the amazing truth regarding:

  • The Beast
  • The Rapture
  • The Millennium
  • The Origin of Evil
  • The Mark and 666
  • Revelation's Angels
  • The Future of Israel
  • and so much more.

There's nothing to mail. Everything is done in privacy on your own computer.

Just look up the Bible texts and fill in the blanks on the screen with the answers that you find. You can look up the texts by clicking a button, and the passage will appear in a pop-up window. All the answers to the questions will come straight from the Bible.  Minimum requirements: PC with Pentium 1 and Windows 98, ME, XP, or Vista. For 10 or more just $1.69 each. (Please note that this is not an audio CD).

Panorama of Prophecy (see later for additional free resources found in this software) 

Image Title Description Price  
Panorama Of Prophecy The Ultimate Bible Study Tool – contains 24 Bible Studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation and .. £12.50


Panorama Of Prophecy Pack of 5 CDs


Panorama Of Prophecy Pack of 10 CDs


Panorama Of Prophecy Pack of 50 CDs


Panorama Of Prophecy Pack of 100 CDs



That's right. QuickVerse 7.0 is included for FREE. QuickVerse is a Bible study program by Parsons Church Group, formerly Parsons Technology. It's been around for years. What you get in this Starter Edition is the following:

  1. Easton's Bible Dictionary
  2. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
  3. Nave's Topical Bible
  4. Parson's Bible Atlas
  5. Spurgeon's Morning & Evening Devotional
  6. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  7. Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries
  8. The Holy Bible, King James Version

Once you have the Starter Edition, you can upgrade to QuickVerse Standard, Expanded, Deluxe, or Greek. Details on how to do this are on the CD.

Graphics & Audio

These prophecy lessons are illustrated with more than 450 beautiful illustrations.

Each CD comes with an audio presentation of each lesson by Doug Batchelor before a live audience in New York City. 

Resource Library

This CD also includes an incredible Resource Library composed of 51 inspirational articles, books, and booklets.

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