Thank you for your interest in LUX-VERBI Books. LUX-VERBI is in the business of publishing academic, health, educational and religious books, including books, which look critically at the New Age. We always welcome new writers.

We are a specialist independent publishers and only publish 3-4 titles each year. Only selection standards are very specific.

However, we are proud to offer Assisted Publishing©. Assisted Publishing© is a form of publishing which offer authors the opportunity to have their books published by LUX-VERBI, through our Standard our Gold Service. We offer short print runs (50 to 250) and long print runs (2000 and above) at reasonable costs. Short runs are usually priced at £4 per book. For longer runs we can have your books printed at very competitive rates (usually around £2.80 per book for the first 1000 and £1.50 per book for each 1000 additional copy after the first order). This is an incredible price upon which any author can easily make a profit on the sale of his/her book. As prices are subject to change, please contact us for up to date quotations.

Paper quality

We usually use Langley Antique Wove White, Ensobelle, or Norbook Lux 60, 70 or 80grams paper. These are all very high quality paper.

Its time to get your ideas and favourite project into print and earning for you.

We do not yet offer marketing and advertising in-house, unless you book is one of the few to be chosen for publishing in any year.

If you require these services (i.e. the author does not wish to undertake these processes him/herself) we can offer such additional services at flat rates depending on the degree and extent of the marketing and advertising required. For example, we are able to advertise your book(s) at all Central London termini, and other local or national train stations, London Underground, roadside billboards, the Internet (e.g. on our own sites, affiliate sites and with Amazon), magazines, Time Literary Supplement and catalogues. This is our Gold Service.

Gold Service

Our Gold Service will include the entire package above at a fixed price, including printing costs.

Standard Service

Our Standard Service offers a more economical, or less extensive package involving printing only, and advertising on our web site and other optional media, depending on our own advertising needs. You do the marketing and advertising yourself. Many self-publishers who do not yet have the funds for additional services do this. We are will however include in this package tips and leads on cost effective advertising in the various media, at no extra cost to you.

We will also offer publishing seminars for budding writers and those interested in publishing. Lux-Verbi believes the company should encourage greater insight into self-publishing.

Publishing for School or Classroom Projects

Schools and teachers can use Lux-Verbi Publishing to establish classroom-writing and publishing projects.


To assist you in the submissions of your manuscript(s), we have prepared the following Guidelines, which explain the information we need to consider a manuscript for publication. Please read the Guidelines carefully before submitting anything.

LUX-VERBI emphasis is on the practical, enlightening and self-help material. We aim our products at a general audience and do not assume our readers possess previous specialist knowledge. We will consider some academic or scholarly books.


Seeing your book in print is the reward for a long, arduous feat of creative effort. As publishers understand and respect that. But publishing is a business, and you must regard potential publishers as you would any other professional contact. To that end you need to be prepared to get your manuscript together in the correct manner, patient, and realistic of the market.

Use your library and bookstores for books on "How to Get Published".

Patience is another publishing virtue. Given the amount of work involved in getting manuscript ready for printing, it can take several weeks for us to respond. You your require us to read and edit your manuscript it may take even longer.

Submission Package.

LUX-VERBI prefers to see entire manuscripts for submission or proposals (cover letter, outline/synopsis, and sample chapters (first, second and last). In either case, you need to observe following very easy submission rules. In general:

Your proposal should include the following:


you are as an author, and why you’ve chosen us as a

possible home for your work.



Please also include with your proposal:

 Your curriculum vitae, or résumé

 Status of the manuscript

 Length (i.e. no. of pages)

 Any artwork for the cover

 Permissions to use extensive quotes from other literature

 A self-addressed stamped envelope so we can return your material

You need to be informed us if this is a multiple submission, and include the number of current submissions.

New Authors

We are constantly on the lookout for new voices with vision, and welcome proposals from unpublished authors.

We welcome ‘unagented authors (and actually prefer to work directly with authors), but if you do have a literary agent, provide the agent's name, address, and phone number.

Please Date and sign all materials (i.e. correspondence, synopsis/outline, manuscript title page, and diskettes).

Complete and include the Author Questionnaire and Biographical Data & Book Info Form included with these Guidelines. These forms are essential for our submissions, production, departments, and your submission will not be reviewed without them.


It is very important the manuscript has consistent page format. We require the following.

Use a standard, easy-to-read typestyle--Times, Courier, Monotype Dante, Monotype Bembo, Garamond, Sabon, or Palatino--in 11 or 12 point type. We do not accept handwritten manuscripts or manuscripts set in script type or all capitals.

Page margins should 1" on sides, top, and bottom. Right margin should be ragged (as in this document).

The manuscript should be double-space throughout, but without extra line space between paragraphs. Indent paragraphs using tabs to create paragraph indents rather than the space key.

The manuscript should be paginated consecutively from beginning to end (I.e. do not paginate chapters separately). Format your running heads (headers – on each page) to include your last name, the manuscript title, and page number.

Please date your title page.

When sending to us please print the manuscript on 8-1/2 x 11" white bond paper, medium weight, one-side only. We prefer quality, laser printed pages, but we will accept high-quality dot matrix or ink jet printouts.

Please provide an accurate word count for each chapter, and a total page count. You can find out the word count by clicking “File” on your computer Tool bar and then clicking on “Properties” and choose “Statistics” from the menu box that pops up.

N.B.: Keep copies of your manuscript, computer files, and correspondence for reference and to protect against loss. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR ONLY COPY, as we cannot accept responsibility for the return of these materials.

Disk Submission.

In addition to a printed ("hard") copy of the manuscript, we require a 3.5" computer disk, in a format compatible with our own. Manuscript disk submissions in QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word, PDF, Postscript are all acceptable.

Disk submissions in any other word-processing or page layout software, should be saved as "text only." If you are using IBM or an IBM clone, please send submissions as Microsoft Word, and saved as text only.

Saving text only will remove your formatting codes, eliminating many production problems later. We would still like to see the exact formatting required on your hard copy, for bold headings, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you output the hard copy with the formatting codes, then save the text only. (If you would like to keep a record of your formatting, please make an additional copy of the files before the final save.) Formatting should be the only difference between the hard copy and the disk: the texts of both should match exactly!

To help with printing please break the manuscript up into small, manageable files on your disk, e.g., one chapter per file.

Label any disk you send with the following information:

1 Author's name
2. Title of manuscript
3. Subject mater covered
5. Software used to create files

Revision of manuscript

If we like your sample chapters we may then ask you to submit the entire manuscript to be reviewed by one of our editors. If we like your manuscript we then send it outside readers for review. Please feel free to suggest names of potential reviewers (along with addresses, affiliations, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, if pertinent). We may ask them, or other reviewers, to look at your work and give us their written responses. We ask you to keep in mind that our reviewers are busy professionals, and it may take several weeks for us to get a response.


Please note that we will not revealing the identities of our reviewers unless they specifically request otherwise.

Later in the process, we may ask you to do revisions on your manuscript. If we require you to revise you must submit a new, complete hard copy and disk, dated and labelled as a "Revised Version."


There are certain text elements and back matter that have either proven useful to our readers or that are required by libraries. They include the following:


You must index your manuscript yourself, if you feel this is necessary. (An index is almost always required for library acquisitions). Information on indexing and locating an indexer or indexing software can be found at and
A glossary, if you believe it will benefit the reader.
A bibliography, annotated if appropriate.

Unacceptable Material

Also in regard to content, we cannot, of course, accept writing that reflects sexist, racist, or defamatory material.


LUX-VERBI is looking fresh, original approaches to our topics; we don't want "rereads" of what's already out there, and so we discourage excessive quoting or paraphrasing of other published sources. A balanced synthesis of existing source materials, with your original commentary, or short quotes used to illustrate or amplify your points, are much more valuable to your readers than simply patching together other authors' work. Of course, there are cases where longer quotations or data from other published sources would benefit your reader, but in those cases, you are responsible for obtaining, in writing, all permission grants.

At the time of manuscript submission, you must include a complete list of excerpts or quotations for which you intend to seek permission to use. When you apply to the copyright holder for permission, use the form at the back of these guidelines. The signed permission grants should be returned directly to you, and you are responsible for presenting LUX-VERBI with complete documentation within 90 days of signing your Publishing Agreement.

Start your permissions process as soon as possible, and be prepared to pursue your applications. Response times from publishers vary greatly, you may be refused permission, the paper trail might be longer than expected, etc.

Use of Quotes

Copyright law allows "fair use," which for trade publishing is an assessment of the risk of being sued for copyright infringement. Fair use is based on the principle of "amount and substantiality". The courts will ask how much of another author’s original work is being used and how? There are no hard and fast rules, but LUX-VERBI wishes to respect the research, effort, and livelihood of other authors. Fair use usually does not apply to poetry or music or if the quote is used only as an illustrative point. In judging substantiality (or how much?), the rule of thumb is 200 words total quoted from a 300-page book or 50 words total from a periodical is likely to be regarded as fair use.

Your manuscript will be vetted for copyright infringement, damaging or libellous statements about a living person or a company, use of an individual's name or likeness, negligent instruction or advice, and any other problems. We may then require you to remedy a particular issue by obtaining a written release, rewriting, or deleting language.

Your library should also have resources on copyright law, and there are many useful websites.

When citing an outside source in your text, include the complete publishing information (title, author(s), publisher, date and city of publication, and page number). At the end of your text (book) all cited or referenced materials should be listed in a bibliography.

Also, please include postage if you would like your artwork returned. We accept no responsibility for lost materials.


If we decide to publish your manuscript and you agree to the terms of our contract, an editor will be assigned to produce the book. LUX-VERBI reserves the right to edit all or any part of the completed manuscript submitted by the author, and to make the final decisions in terms of editing.


Publishing involves much more than merely printing a book and waiting for orders. If we agree or your require us to promote and advertise your book you must remember that the success of any book's sales involves publicity and promotion, and it is vital that you work with us in this regard.

Trade catalogues profiling new releases are produced three times a year to match the buying and promotional patterns of the book industry. Booksellers, wholesalers and distributors, and other industry sources use these.

Our web site for consumers is also an opportunity to promote you and your book. As an author, you may be asked to provide short articles about different aspects of your book's subject, or you may respond to readers' questions and letters (which we solicit and forward to you). This all helps expand interest in the subject matter and the sales of your book. Giving talks and presentations are also another way of marketing and promoting your book. We encourage you to do so a much as possible. . If you give lectures, workshops, and book signings, or participate in conferences, please let us know your schedule so that we can coordinate sales and promotions.

When advantageous, we arrange author interviews and advertise appropriately. We also regularly use other marketing and media outlets.

The following Author Questionnaire and the Author Biographical Data & Book Information Form ask for information essential to our Marketing and Publicity Departments, for writing catalogue and back-cover copy, developing press kits, and scheduling publicity events. Both forms must be completed and included with your submission. Your submission will not be reviewed by Acquisitions without them.  


We can also offer e-books, these are books that can be paid for and read on-line. If you are interested in this services please let us know.


Please send all submissions to:

PO Box 556
Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3ZJ

ENGLAND, United Kingdom    

Tel.:                + 44 (0) 20 8367 3432