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Ribbons of Blue- A Film Documentary Movie (Drama)
Directed by Mathurine Emmanuel
Now available on DVD.

Mathurine Emmanuel receives the Best Director Award for Ribbons Of Blue (Documentary Feature) at the New York International Film & Video Festival November 2004.

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Ribbons of Blue
2003 M&C Award Winner for best Film

Ribbons of Blue is a ground breaking St. Lucian movie in which multi-talented Mathurine Emmanuel  (actress, director, screenwriter) delivers a riveting performance in her portrayal of a single mothers struggles and sacrifices to raise an ungrateful daughter who is ashamed of her mothers humble status.

“Worthy of the highest accolades,“ lauds CANELLES, ST. LUCIA VOICE (Read the review):
"Ribbons of Blue"
A Review by Victor Marquis
CANELLES, ST. LUCIA VOICE Saturday July 19th, 2003

A single mother who endured the most trying of circumstances to bring up her only daughter-who incidentally, has that too-common trait of non-appreciation for the struggles her mother went through for her sake; and actually is ashamed of her-comes face to face with an ultimate example of the ingratitude, when her daughter turns away from her as she turns up less than well-dressed at her graduation ceremony.

Saddened but undaunted by her daughter’s rejection she, in the face of unkind jibes being thrown at her by her unrepentant daughter, nevertheless uses her life’s savings to send the child to pursue an education in England. While at University, the girl becomes pregnant for a young Jamaican student who takes the earliest convenient opportunity to turn his back on her and abandon her in her pregnancy.

Finally emphasizing with her mother and recognizing the error of her ways in her maltreatment of her, she terminates her stay at the University and writes home, begging her mother for forgiveness. In her letter, she requests that her mother demonstrate her forgiveness for her past wrongdoings by tying a blue ribbon around the old orange tree in their front yard.

Imagine her joyous surprise when, upon alighting from her taxi at the front door after the long flight back, she finds the orange tree decorated with hundreds of blue ribbons fluttering in the breeze!

Joy and tearful reconciliation reign supreme.

Sounds familiar? Feel sure you’ve seen this one before, in “Cinemascope and Vistavision,” on the silver screen in some large cinema, with some of Hollywood’s most famous actors starring in the leading roles?

Guess again. The production, entitled “Ribbons of Blue”-and worthy of the greatest accolades-is a presentation of the Southern Drama Club of Desruisseaux, who perform under the name “Vision De Larvi” (Creole for “Visions of Life”). It was filmed and presented to the St. Lucian viewing public on NTN, the Government Information Channel.

Intended for just one or two presentations, the response heartstrings, has amounted almost to something akin to mania. They just would not let go…neither would they allow the station to stop airing the movie.

Men seem to be affected by the pathos of the story as much as their womenfolk; and are moved to tears just as-and in some cases even more-frequently and intensely.

The demand for more and more of this tear-jerking tale incited the group to offer the videocassettes for sale; and they are obtainable at the Adventist Book Centre, Book Salon and Book Nook in Vieux Fort.

The social lessons gleaned from the story have been found useful enough to have it used as an educational tool in some of the country’s Primary and Senior Primary Schools.

Despite the eagerness with which the public has embraced this very professionally-produced product however, sales have fallen far below expectation-a phenomenon far from-unheard-of in St. Lucia. In order to meet the cost of production therefore, this completely non-profit organization is obliged to seek assistance from the public. To this end, they have opened an account #60242 at Scotia bank, where you may show you appreciation for the excellence of their work as well as your encouragement for their efforts by going and depositing generously. alternatively, get something for your money and purchase a copy of “Ribbons of Blue”…. You’ll pat yourself on the back for years to come.

A fine theatrical group of the caliber just cannot be allowed to flounder.

And there is more: the talented group has not rested on its laurels. They have produced a second piece, entitled “Tears in the Valley”, which has also been aired on NTN and, with a few upcoming changes in the musical score, will also be available on the market in videocassette form; and a third, “Troubled Waters”, is in the offing, with script now ready, just waiting to go into production.

Had enough? Just cannot believe how prolific this group seems to be? Well, hold on to your hats, there’s more to come: a stage production of a fourth presentation, “Hilary’s Wife”, takes place at the Old Boy’s School in Choiseul on August the 9th, and one week later (the following Saturday) on August 16th, at Club Exquisite in Vieux Fort.

This is your don’t-dare-miss chance to see the cream of the crop of thespian art, our talented local movie stars, in the flesh in a live performance. You may not get a second.

And finally, a little information about our talented performers, as supplied by the members themselves:

Vision De Larvi was formed after a small youth group from the Desruisseaux Seventh Day Adventist church was motivated to stage a skit for the entertainment of some health and government official during Nurses Week in 1986. The play “The White Angel” written and directed by Mrs. Marthurine Emmanuel was a direct hit with the audience. Most of the people present were moved to tears. As a result of the success of the play the group was established. The objectives were:

  • To help foster positive relationships among the youth.
  • To create an avenue for the youth to exhibit their God given talents.
  • To raise funds that will be available to help any member of the community who finds him/herself in desperate need of funds.
  • To help create a medium for communicating positive messages to our primary and secondary school students and teachers.
  • To help reinforce the values of our society in an age where values are becoming obsolete.
  • To entertain the people in our community, with special emphasis on the elderly who do not usually find positive forms of entertainment they can relate to.

They most humbly yet proudly testify to the fact that most, if not all of their objectives have been met and are being met.

The group comprises of members from Laborie, Vieux Fort, Micoud, Desruisseaux and Augier. The young people, despite the fact that they are unemployed, make great sacrifices to meet together for the cause. The youth are well disciplined and have great fun working together. Many young people had not known that they were gifted in stage performance or acting. Many of the actors have become bolder and better speakers as a result. They have been a source of help and a place of refugee to many members of their community. They have been able to host several concerts for funding the following:

  • A woman suffering with cancer of the colon has been given money to purchase her ticket to the United Kingdom in search of appropriate medical treatment.
  • An elderly man who has purchase a boat to gain employment discovered that his boat had been stolen and had no means of paying his loan. The poor man was devastated as a result; they came to his rescue by paying his debt for the first month.
  • They have hosted a concert in aid of the St. Jude’s Hospital, a gesture that will never be forgotten by the staff of the institution.

The Stories are all written by Mrs. Mathurine Emmanuel who, along with Elpha Neptune holds the starring roles in “Ribbons of Blue”.

I have my copy that my family and I enjoy at home. Now, if you too want to have your share of enjoying the finer things in life, go out and get your own.

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£23.99 plus p&p   

Your Note:


Directed by: Mathurine Emmanuel
Produced by: Iyanola Pictures / Jako Films
Running  Time: 112 Minutes/Color
Awards: M&C Award for best Film.










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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