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Harry Potter





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SECRETS BEHIND THE VEIL - what you don't know can hurt you...  P.D. Moore


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Published:: 23/6/03

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Take a moment to enjoy a few excerpts and chapters of this compelling, eye-opening and exciting book. You can order it right here online.

This eye-opening book looks closely at the spiritual and occult forces at work in various Eastern, or New Age practices such as acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic treatments, speaking in tongues, reiki reincarnation, shamanism, witches, witchcraft, angels, aromatherapy, astrology, affirmations, Buddhism, celebrities and the occult, Hinduism, holistic healing, hypnotism, mesmerism...

Some Facts:

50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies (the most successful companies world wide) have purchased management and other training tapes and services from New Age. In Canada 1,200 Canadians were polled via telephone on 8/22/97 by the Angus Reid Group regarding their use of “alternative medicine”. Forty-two percent reported using alternative medicine (up from 23% in 1992).  Highest use (59%) involved chiropractic (extrapolated to 25% of all Canadians). Those more likely to report using alternative medicine were: residents of British Columbia (56%), females (55%), 35-54 age group (49%); annual household income of $60,000+ (52%). 55% of those using alternative medicine had been doing so for over 5 years overall use of alternative medicine had grown dramatically by 81% over the past five years. 146% of growth was among Canadians 18-34 years of age; 76% growth among 35-54 yrs; 49% growth among 55+ years of age. Of the 42% who use alternative medicine, 48% reported being “very satisfied”, and 42% “somewhat satisfied”. Yet most users of alternative therapies aren’t aware that therapists, in most cases, are not required to have a university or any sort of qualification before setting themselves up as practitioners. Training can last as little as six months. 







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This book has 35 Chapters                          

Customer Rating:

This book looks candidly and objectively at:

·  alternative

·  amethyst

·  angels

·  aromatherapy

·  astrology 

· affirmations

·  Buddhism

·  celebrities and the occult/new age

·  Christianity

·  consciousness

·  crystal

·  energy

·  enlightenment

·  Harry Potter

·  healing

·  health

·  Hinduism

·  holistic

·  hypnotism/mesmerism

·  kabala

·  karma

·  meditation

·  metaphysical

·  metaphysics

·  new-age-theology  

·  new-age-music

·  new-age-philosophy

·  new-age-products

·  new-age-stores

·  new-age-thought

·  occult

·  personal-growth

·  philosophy

·  psychics

·  speaking in tongues

·  reiki

·  reincarnation

·  relaxation

·  September 11th 2001

·  shamanism

·  spiritual

·  Taoism

·  psychicsspeaking in tonguesreikireincarnationSeptember 11th 2001shamanismWitches/witchcraft

·  yoga


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