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SECRETS BEHIND             


        - What you don’t know can hurt you ... 

            P.D. Moore


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P.D. Moore is a barrister with a passion for writing. Apart from his other books on the New Age, Harry Potter and Yoga, he updated the Housing Law volume of the Local Government Precedents and Procedures, a legal Practitioners’ encyclopaedia, published by Sweet & Maxwell. He is a trained arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator.

He has presented on radio, and given talks and seminars on various subjects in London, St Lucia, Trinidad and Vancouver, BC.

His other books include, Yoga is powerful,[ ISBN 0-9543596-1-5]; Another Look at Death [ISBN 0-9543596-2-3], and a children’s book, About Harry Potter (not for muggles) - What Every kid should know [ISBN 0-9543596-3-1].

He is available to make presentations and talks upon request.

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