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Chapter 2

                    True-life experiences and close encounters


“When I had finished my prayers  and invocations to the communities of the dead , I took the sheep and cut their throats over the trenches.  And now the souls of the dead who had gone below came swarming up from Erebus – fresh brides, unmarried youths, old men, behind them tender young girls still nursing the first anguish in their hearts, and a great throng of warriors killed in battle…”

- Homer- The Odyssey


Jacky’s Supernatural encounter

Every one who entered Jacky Hernandez’s new home in Weldon, California said they felt something; there was definitely a strange ‘presence’, or ‘entity’ sharing her home.       

Jacky spoke to Barry Conrad on the telephone and asked him to come and investigate the ‘ghost ’.   

For lack of anything better to do, while waiting for a phenomenon  to occur, and perhaps hoping to encourage the ‘presence’ to reveal itself, Jacky, and Barry began playing the Ouija Board  with some of the neighbours. Right away things began to happen – tables began shaking, the candles started to flicker, the Board started answering questions so fast that they could hardly keep up. The ‘entity’ answered all the questions they asked – the answers were spelt in perfect sentences.

During the session the group asked the entity many questions. They were startled however, when the entity told them that ‘he’ had been murdered – held under water in San Pedro Bay in 1930.

When asked how many ghosts  reside among the living, the entity spelled on the Ouija Board  the words:

Phantoms  fill the skies around you.

So intrigued by what he’d seen, and heard, Barry Conrad decided to visit the News Pilot, the local San Pedro newspaper. While searching through records of old newspapers held on micro-film, Barry discovered an article from 1930 – the year the entity claimed to have been murdered. The article states that the body of Herman Hendrickson was discovered near the 22nd Street landing. When his body was found the authorities believed it was foul play, but due to lack of evidence, the case was closed as one of accidental drowning. But now it seemed that the authorities’ suspicions were confirmed.

Barry was convinced that the entity was the spirit  of the dead  Herman Hendrickson. So what are we to make of this? It seems that the story given by the ‘entity’ was true. This example shows that the ‘spirit’ entity was able to give information, which correlated with a real story that was corroborated by evidence from a newspaper article of some 60 years earlier.

What could this mean? Can the dead  really communicate with the living? Is there consciousness  in death ? These are questions that intelligent and inquiring minds  cannot sensibly dismiss. They deserve thorough investigation, as shown by the experience of a friend of mine, which she has given me permission to share with you.

An incredible email from a friend

I received this amazing personal encounter by email from a friend of mine whom I will call “J”. I will let “J” tell the story in her own words, unedited.

“Dear Phil,

“I had always been very skeptical [sic] of mediums , spiritualists  etc, to the point that I have not read horoscopes for decades.  I think that I just did not wish to entertain what I did not fully understand. I am sure that I have mentioned to you before that curiously, I have a very very good friend whom I shall call “T”, who consults a medium via the telephone to India, on a regular basis. “T” once confided in me that when she actually came face to face with the medium, she watched as the woman's face seemed to grimace and change [emphasis supplied] as she appeared to conjure up the spirits within her, “T” thought it was the most frightening spectacle ever to be witnessed. However, because the medium seems to have been so correct in her predictions, T continues to consult this woman whenever she needs reassurance on the future .


“I had always thought that mediums  were simply dabbling in areas which they ought to leave well alone and that the messages from the dead  that they passed on to the curious living, were hardly worth the effort. That is until my own encounter.

“I have had some pretty rough experiences  in my marriage of late.  I have toyed with the idea of whether to try to work issues out within my marriage or to separate. It must be said that issues go back quite some time and so one could say that I have tried for a long time to keep the marriage going.  Keeping a brave face is something I have mastered.

“I am extremely close to a brother who has tried to support me in everything I do. He has been worried that the issues within my marriage were affecting my health but he maintained that he would support me in whatever action I wished to take.

“I had started to attend church, which I found gave me a much needed focus for myself and my children. However, the issue, which really concerned me, was what I should do in relation to my marriage. I prayed so much for a sign or some guidance as to what I should do and then thought I would leave it in God's hands to show me the way.

However, what happened next left me speechless, tearful, fearful and very, very confused in relation to my new found faith .

“A few months ago, my brother … who travels a lot in his line of business found himself in a bar - a bar which he had never attended before. He was sitting by himself for a little while when a woman approached his table. She introduced herself by saying that she was not propositioning him or wanted anything from him, only his time, as she had something to tell him. She explained that she was a medium and had never been to that bar before but had been instructed to go there to find my brother. She continued [by saying] that, as soon as my brother entered the bar, she had been told by the


spirits around her that he was the one they wished her to speak with. She started off by saying that she had my late father with her who wished her to convey messages to my brother.

“The woman then proceeded to instruct my brother that my father was very concerned about me - he wanted my brother to tell me that I had done everything within my power to save my marriage and that I could physically and mentally do no more. The medium kept repeating that my father wanted me to take my children out of the family home before any harm could occur. This just made me gasp when I heard this. As you can imagine, I saw this as the sign that I had been praying for - and it all came from my late father.

“The woman proceeded to give further details about my life  which really shook me up - she said that my father is with me all the time and is urging that I take certain steps to sort out my problems. All of this was said in such detail, which I cannot begin to relay to you now. The medium then spoke about issues of particular concern regarding my brother with alarming accuracy. Other relatives also conveyed messages - some of the names mentioned to my brother he did not know but upon speaking to my mother, she has since confirmed that they are known as [deceased] relatives or friends of the family.

“I am extremely confused and wonder whether this chance meeting with my brother was the answer to my prayers . I should say that despite this meeting with the medium, I have sought help with my marriage which has proved extremely positive - there is no need for me to take any drastic measures however, I still have at the back of my mind  the niggling doubt that I am doing the right thing because of all that was said by my late father through the medium.

Please let me have your trusted comments on what I experienced through my brother's encounter, as I am confused.” Good night,  ”J ”

Interestingly enough, several months later “J” telephoned me brimming with excitement to say that her marriage was now working fine and things couldn’t be better. In fact she said, “It is marvellous”.

‘What would have happened had I listened to the psychic ’s advice’, she asked, ‘which the medium insisted came from my deceased father’?

J’s story is not by any means unusual. Every week one can find similar stories in the pages of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Hello, Woman’s Own, Chat, and Mizz to name just a few. Many people however seem to have more positive views of their supernatural  encounters. In the November 2001 issue of Hello the following story appeared on page 57, under the title “Gran came back from the dead ”. In this particular article ‘TV favourite Jane McDonald’ discloses the motivation behind her sizzling new image.

She explains: “ … I felt as if someone was pulling at my hair

at the back. My grandmother Janet, a psychic , died in February, age 94, and I just knew it was her – it was 25 May, her birthday. Just knowing she was still around me gave me the strength I needed for my Las Vegas shows.”

The November 2001 issue of the magazine – Woman’s Own – on the “PSYCHIC LOVE” page, featured this story:

“I am a married woman who has been having an affair with a married man for the last five years. I thought that he loved me and that he and his wife were nothing more than good friends – like my husband and me…. I phoned the Circle [a psychic  telephone call-in line] and spoke to Jake Sterling. He told me amazing things about my relatives, who were no longer alive, and accurate stuff about my present situation, including the fact that my lover had two children not one. Rubbish, I thought. Impossible. I am writing to say that he was right and I am totally shocked….”



Psychic healer of the Stars

Here’s another story from the popular Oprah  Winfrey Magazine, Oprah, found in the November 2001 issue:

“… For 14 years I’d suffered from phlebitis, which caused painful blood clots to form in the legs that could


be life -threatening. I never knew when a demon  blood clot would strike and I would have to cancel work, cancel parties, cancel life while I lay in bed and injected myself with a blood thinner, heparin, the way a diabetic injects herself with insulin. I’d spend thousands of dollars going to doctors, surgeons, and blood specialists, none of whom could stop the clots from recurring.


…. I called a friend, Andrew Weil, MD: ‘I can’t live like this,’ I told him. ‘I need your advice.’ ‘… You should see Rosalyn B. I bet she can help you’ he said.

‘I walked to a door marked Healing Light Centre Church … she led me to her treatment cottage and there, in the heart of this white-bread town, was a shrine to Egypt … She asked me to lie on her treatment table, and before I said anything she placed her hand on the spot in my right calf where I had the most violent phlebitis attack. ‘You have an energy  block here’. She frowned.”

On her mantle is a picture of Cher. Although she doesn’t speak about it, Bruyere has treated many big stars, including Cher, Barbara Streisand , James Coburn , Sammy Davis Jr ., and many others.

The Oprah  article went on to explain how Ms Bruyere had first gotten involved in the energy  healing  business. She had started her journey attending the spiritualist church in Hollywood  and later she studied with the Hopi and Sioux (North American Indians) medicine men and did research on Egyptian  and Hindu healing traditions . Since then she had worked on many other eminent and celebrated individuals who had called upon her services.

A Child of the New Age

Martine is only sixteen years old but she is “no ordinary girl”. Martine “has magical powers” - she is a witch . These are the words from the pages of the girls’ magazine “Sugar”. Martine came into her knowledge  of witchcraft , if that is still the correct term for it, after seeing the film “The Craft” (a story about a group of girls who got involved in witchcraft). Martine is now a practicing member of Wicca , the witches’ religion . Sabrina and Buffy watch out. Martine, while not an ordinary girl, is no unusual girl. She is just one of millions around the world - children of the New Age . Wicca has come out of the closet and many witches are now second or third generation practitioners who crave more advanced concepts beyond the basic casting of a circle and calling the quarters. They have a wider agenda, embracing such causes as feminism, ecology, attunement , brotherly and sisterly love, planetary care, and equal rights for all beings. All seemingly harmless, even positive causes. Children like Martine tell us that a change is coming - indeed it is already here, and seemingly inexorably in its progress.

A Trip into the Supernatural

Just out of the Canadian Merchant Navy and adrift in a large city, when Roger Morneau became involved in the world of spirit  worship . He soon became very successful as a result of his involvement in spiritualism ; but when Roger tried to leave the world of spirit worship and the successes that it had given to him, he was bluntly told, ‘Morneau, you’re not your own, master… The spirits own you in your entirety, and the sooner you acknowledge that… the better off you’ll be,’ his fellow spiritualist, Roland nervously blurted out to him.

‘One thing in particular’ continued Roland, ‘the high priest wants you to realize that no one has ever gotten out of our secret society alive…. ’

You can read the book for yourself, Morneau tells the story far better than I can. It’s only a little book but it is a watchword and a volume on the supernatural .

Kiss of the Vampires

Daniel Ruden and his 23-year-old wife Manuela are self  styled Vampires . In 2001 the twenty-six year old German and his wife committed one of the most bizarre murders of modern times. The pair met through a lonely-hearts advertisement in a heavy metal magazine. His advertisement read:

“Vampire seeks Princess of Darkness  who hates everything.”

Her’s replied:

“I hate mankind and detest the light .”

The couple spoke of having indulged their Gothic  fantasies in many of London’s ancient graveyards ; drinking human blood and sleeping out in the open. Manuela even allowed herself to be buried alive – just to see what it was like. She said that she had acquired a taste for human blood while attending “Bite parties ” in London.

But in 2001 the couple’s obsessions came to deadly fruition, when they invited thirty-three year old work-mate, Frank Haardgen to their home one night. After bludgeoning him with a hammer, they stabbed him sixty-three times, then carved an occult  symbol on his chest. After drinking his blood the couple made love in a nearby coffin. When arrested they said, ‘the Devil ’ made them do it!

Not surprisingly, they were found guilty of murder by a German court and jailed for 15 and 13 years respectively - in a secure mental unit. As they were taken away from the courtroom both looked across at the other unrepentantly blowing kisses – the kisses of the vampires.

Surprise, surprise, London seems to be a favourite haunt and breeding ground for ‘modern’ vampires. One such vampire is Justin. He wears his vampire fangs all the time except when eating, as it tends to fall out and he is afraid he might swallow them by accident. Justine has a ‘vampire child’, or trainee, Mandela. He is training, or breaking Mandela into the vampire rituals parties, and drinking human blood.

Mandela herself is only sixteen, and at the time of writing this book had just become a vampire, after meeting Justin on a London bus in the Peckham area. Justin has been introduced to Mandela’s mother and she is aware that he is initiating her daughter into the vampire cult. Mandela’s mother says cryptically, ‘It’s a thing she is going through, as well as Justin. There comes a time when she will [sic], you know… now she is exploring and enjoying it, and that’s good you know.’

Mandela says however, ‘I don’t think so. I think I have found myself now. Before when I was normal I didn’t feel myself, I always felt that something was missing, but now I have found myself’. Mandela feels she has found a way of life  that she had been searching for.

Her dad, a bit more wary, says that she will eventually come to herself and find her way. But he is glad to have met Justin so that Justin knows whom he has to deal with ‘if anything goes wrong.’

Justin admits that at one time he did witchcraft  and was a member of a small coven in London, but says he has left and now does it independently. He also admitted to practicing Satanism, which he says he doesn’t do anymore; as he has now developed an interest in meditation.

Having read these experiences  of the various individuals mentioned there are a number of questions that struck me. For example, do complementary therapies  really work? Or is it all hocus-pocus? If they do work, what is the energy , or power behind these therapies?

Can the Devil  really make people do things, as the German ‘vampires’ claimed? Or is the ‘Devil’ just a convenient excuse for madmen? Does the ‘Devil’ really exist?

And of course, the big question in many peoples’ minds  today, ‘can there be communication between the living and the dead ?’

There is probably no inquiry, which awakens so much interest as that concerning the state of the soul  after death . The belief in the immortality  of the soul is universal. It was this belief, which lead the Egyptians to build the pyramids, and to mummify the dead . It was this belief, which led the Germanic nations to meet death with joy in the field of battle. And even today people all around the world still believe that the dead are

far more knowledgeable and wise than they were when alive. So why is our world becoming more spiritual? What does this major shift in attitudes towards Eastern  spirituality and the supernatural  signal for the future  of our world?

In the chapters that follow you will discover the power and secrets  of acupuncture, reflexology , reiki , feng shui , and psychic  healings; as well as yoga , meditation and hypnotism, and how these fit into the “Plan” for a brave New World. You will discover, probably for the very first time, how the alternative therapies  really work. The secrets of Harry Potter , and other popular New Age  books and films, and the ecumenical phenomena  will be explored with uncensored candor. We are going to get to the bottom of unexplained and supernatural  manifestations. The question is, are you ready?

However to answer these questions we must begin slowly. You will need to try and lay aside your own prejudices. We must be open-minded, if only for the purposes of our inquiry. Do not be afraid. Discovery beckons.

Some say, as I believe (and we shall shortly have proof of this) that behind the scenes there are forces  at work even greater than market forces.

Let us then proceed with our investigation.


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