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SECRETS BEHIND THE VEIL - what you don't know can hurt you ...



This book brings us bang up to date with current events and confirms what many are too afraid to admit. That our world is on the verge of stupendous changes. Many values, traditions and beliefs things once considered concrete and ‘safe’ are tumbling like a pack of cards. In a godless age where people are searcing for meaning and identity, some replace religion faith with ‘unassailable’ confidence in secular humanist scientific reasoning; while and an increasing number, in their tens of millions, now place their trust in various kinds of Western and Eastern superstition. In the latter case, there is an inherent belief in the immortality of the soul and the idea that the human personality, or ‘spirit’ escapes the decaying or dead body to inhabit another or to live in a higher sphere.

But why this shift, or return to superstition – to the extramundane? Sociologists and psychologists alike, tell us that man’s greatest need is security. Conversely then, our greatest fear is insecurity. That’s why we amass fat bank balances, shares, big houses and other assets or want good paying jobs, and safe neighbourhoods. Nothing wrong with any of that. But as you know one slip in the economy and all our assets can be wiped out in a moment.

Whether it is our retirement pension or job security, there are very few things that we can be truly certain of. What do you do when a loved one is terminally ill or dies? Where do you go? For many people their world simply falls apart. Whether it is in the scientific or spiritual realm, there are only a few things we can rely on as certain and, even these are decreasing in number. The only things that seem certain today is the increase in the quest for meaning, purpose, spiritual knowledge  and self -fulfilment. This is the flip side of the increasing insecurity of the world in which we now live.

Naturally, many are turning from orthodoxy to the alternative and the esoteric , as they fail to find answers to their questions in conventional medicine and organised religions. The massive interest in reiki  healing , shiatsu, feng shui , yoga , life  and fulfilment coaching, and other ‘energy’  and New Age  methods testify to the hunger of millions for meaning and self -discovery.

Prior to September 11th 2001 the world seemed a safe enough place. But after that fateful day many more of us have begun taking seriously our own mortality and are now seeking for answers and meaning in an alternative reality, and alternative spirituality.

People are no longer sceptical about the supernatural. Scientists, celebrities, government departments and agencies are all openly seeking to tap into the power of the paranormal and the 11th dimension. Quantum physics and string theory are in vogue. The idea of another parallel dimension is nolonger seen as strange or off the wall - it’s taught at major universities.

Some years ago there was a television documentary in which the ‘magician ’, David Copperfield, apparently walked through the Great Wall of China. Incredible! How did he do it?

Was it merely a delusion – some sort of optical illusion or just a case of mass hypnotism of the TV audience? Or is there more to this than meets the eye ?

A few years later (2001) - again on TV – the occultist David Blaine performed his ‘street magic’. In one scene he takes a Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards and throws it a distance of some 50 feet across a road, through a solid glass pane, with the card ending up stuck on the inside of the glass casing of a shop on the opposite side of the road. This was watched by dozens of people in the flesh and by millions more on TV. In another scene he allows himself to be encased in a transparent block of ice – hollowed out to allow him to sit inside - and spends the next forty-two hours at sub-zero temperatures with only his jeans on. The temperature inside the block of ice was regularly tested by independent scientific observation and at all times filmed on camera.

Forty-two hours later he emerged unharmed by conditions under which you would expect him to have died or at least left him in a serious medical condition.

In another particularly spooky scene, he finds a dead  pigeon on the grass in a city park and invites two passers by to observe his magic. From all accounts, and as far as the young couple could tell, the pigeon was stone cold dead. He then proceeds to rub life  back into the pigeon by gently caressing it between the palms of his hands. After about 4 minutes the pigeon flutters and turns over unto its legs, before flapping its wings and flying away. 

Like many watching the documentary I asked, ‘could this be real? Could he really bring back a dead  pigeon to life  by simply rubbing it with his hands or by any means at all’?

No doubt it is as a result of the televising and dramatising of phenomena  like these that there has been such a tremendous interest in the paranormal , the supernatural  and in magic – even in occultism.

You only need visit any newsagent - look at the magazines, or newspapers. The best-selling books and the box office hits are about the supernatural  or the occult . The New York Times Best-Sellers List regularly contain large numbers of books with stories about contact having been made with ‘departed spirits’. Whether it’s presented as entertainment or reality, psychic , or paranormal  phenomenon , the supernatural has gone mainstream – and is taking the world by storm.

In France, a certain Francois Mitterand, once every year, celebrates the spring equinox by going to the top of a ‘sacred’ mountain and sits in the yoga , or lotus position while beating a staccato rhythm on sticks. His goal? To communicate with the spirits of the earth. Yes, you read correctly – the spirits of the earth. Had this been a New Age  shaman or witch  doctor this would not have aroused more than passing curiosity; but this is the former President of France, seeking guidance from the spirit  world – while he was still President.

Our Western science -based education has left us ill- equipped to deal with this sort of thing. It has conditioned us to think that the universe is merely physical. That what we cannot see in the laboratory or prove by reductive observation, does not exist. But things are changing and changing fast. Science is no longer sceptical about the supernatural . As new scientific discoveries turned old ones on their heads, even Steven Hawkins had to admit, “The theories we have so far are both inconsistent and incomplete.” Hawkins admits, “We may never know the mind  of God.” (New Scientist, 5 April 2003). God? So even the hard-nosed scientists like Hawkins  are wondering if there is a spiritual dimension to our world.

Until recently, most of us would have mocked the idea of a supernatural  realm. But today, even among scientists , this view is rapidly gaining acceptance - openly. Admittedly, many scientists have long held a private belief in the supernatural, but today many are now ‘coming out’. Not only with an interest in the paranormal  but actively engaging in it – from para-psychology to out of body experiences  (OBE) so commonly reported. Even hypnosis is being haled as the new science of the mind that can aid psychic ability and spiritual awareness.

A paranormal  survey carried out by Living TV in the United Kingdom showed that 7 out of every 10 people in the UK have had some kind of psychic  or paranormal experience (that’s 70 percent compared to only 37 percent who believe in God).

One exercise I undertook for the writing of this book was to visit the Vitality Show  in March 2002, at the National Hall, Kensington Olympia in London – a very big and successful Alternative Fair. It was a great convocation of everything New Age . From what I observed there it was obvious that there is a massive interest in New Age practices, teachings and therapies .

There were literally thousands upon thousands of visitors on the day that I was there – the show ran for three days. 

Interestingly enough however, a survey by the Independent Television Commission revealed that most people tend to make a distinction between the occult  and what was described as ‘benign’ psychic  practices. But is there really such a distinction or only the appearance of such?

This was the largest paranormal  survey ever undertaken in the UK. It confirmed what was becoming apparent, that people are turning away from organised religion , and relying more and more on psychics, mediums , clairvoyants, palmists, numerologists, and heaven knows what else, as they try to find meaning and answers in their lives. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they either believed in psychics or were interested in the power of psychics. 

As I think back to the Vitality Show, there were talks by an impressive line-up of New Age  gurus and best selling authors, demonstrations, and practical sessions on acupuncture, belly dancing, acupressure , and yoga  boxing from those on the cutting-edge of the spiritual revolution  that is taking the world by storm. Many of these personalities and speakers were psychologists or had PhDs of one kind or another. So in case you thought it’s only the disenfranchised or less educated who turn to the New Age, you’re wrong! Indeed many of them work in high-level managerial and professional jobs. Some are even in government and other positions of influence.

You name it and it was there. Hundreds of booths filled the two-storey Olympia Hall, offering such esoteric  and arcane things as, Alternative Health  and Healing; Astrology;  Divination ; Druidry; Psychic Development; Feng Shui; T’ai Chi; Magic;  and Shamanism.

Later, as I reflected on what I saw at the Vitality Show , where thousands of seekers were milling around, buying, listening eagerly, reading, trying, and sharing the large variety of New Age  products, offers and ideas, I thought to myself, it is really not too surprising that so many are turning to the New Age, or its alternative realities . It has promised much.

Promises of healing , where conventional medicine has failed, promises  of overcoming anxiety, and negative influences at work, in relationships and career paths; of better sex too (tantric  sex).

Never before have so many of us been conditioned to believe that we need to and can find personal fulfilment within ourselves. We are awashed with manuals telling us how to dress, how to spend our money, how to give up smoking, how to be that perfect lover, how to get ahead, and uncover the meaning of life . There is no denying that we are living through a sustained self -help ‘revolution’. This is an increasing trend that embraces all faiths , traditions  and classes. People everywhere are being led and encouraged to look inwardly for meaning and power over their spiritual destiny  – to find the divinity or ‘god-spark’ within.

The resultant phenomenon  in the West is not a return to traditional Christianity but a mass public acceptance of alternative religions, like New Age  ‘Christianity’, Zen-  Buddhism , Hare Krishna , and therapies  like acupuncture, reflexology , meditation and yoga .

It is as a result of this search for personal fulfilment and self -realisation that more and more people are looking to the supernatural  in one form or other. Millions all over the world, from all walks of life , cultures, and backgrounds are now coming to accept that the supernatural world is real; that there is another parallel world. Even quantum physics , and ‘String or Membrane theory’ the ‘new sciences ’, are being employed to support such esoteric  beliefs.

Equally, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of studies and investigations into the paranormal  (in the form of Para-psychology , psycho-kinetic  research, ESP , Poltergeist  inquiries, and SETI  (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence).

And that’s not all. Even governments, law enforcement and national intelligence agencies are increasingly recruiting psychics to help solve problems, and crimes or to predict future terrorist  attacks. The increase in the interest in astrology, tarot readings , psychic  fairs and exhibitions, the growth in the scientific study of the so-called spirit  world is nothing short of phenomenal. Today, mediums  are consulted routinely by millions seeking answers to life ’s questions, fame, wealth , and power or simply as a way of dealing with the loss of a loved one or in an effort to know what the future  holds. Even more surprising is how many of our world leaders consult mediums in conducting affairs of state.

More than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies (the most successful companies world wide) have purchased management and other training tapes and services from New Age  companies like the Pacific Institute. The New Age is not only big business - its methods are taking over big business.

Another New Age  forte is healing . According to an article in the Daily Telegraph  (1989, page 15), by Sarah Stacey there are: “20,000 hands on  faith  and spiritual healers” in Britain. ITN News reported on 19 May 1995 that some 6 million British people go to alternative and conventional health centres each week. “You can find a therapist to massage your feet, realign your spine, hypnotise  you out of your problems or relieve pain by sticking needles  into you.” –The Lady, 14 to 20 May 2002, page 46.

In Canada the figures are just as astounding. 1,200 Canadians were polled by telephone on 8/22/97 by the Angus Reid Group regarding their use of “alternative medicine”. Forty-two percent reported using alternative medicine (up from 23% in 1992).  Highest use (59%) involved chiropractic (extrapolated to 25% of all Canadians).  Those more likely to report using alternative medicine were: residents of British Columbia (56%), females (55%), 35-54 age group (49%); annual household income of $60,000+ (52%). 55% of those using alternative medicine had been doing so for over 5 years.

The overall use of alternative medicine had grown dramatically by 81% over the past five years. 146% of growth was among Canadians 18-34 years of age; 76% growth among 35-54 yrs; 49% growth among 55+ years of age. Of the 42% who use alternative medicine, 48% reported being “very satisfied”, and 42% “somewhat satisfied”.

When asked about their reasons for trying alternative medicine, 42% said that alternative medicines “don’t hurt you and may help a bit”; 34% said that their regular medicines weren't working for them; 33% thought that alternative medicines were “more natural”; and 6% “don’t trust modern medicine and practices”.

Yet most users of alternative therapies aren’t aware that therapists, in most cases, are not required to have a university or any sort of qualification before setting themselves up as practitioners. Training can last as little as six months.

There is little to stop anyone from setting up as a new kind of healer and attracting clients. The only courses that last any real length of time are chiropractic  (four years) and osteopathy  (five years).

A House of Lords’  Select Committee on Science and Technology investigation into Complementary and Alternative Medicine gathered information from all the well-known alternative practices, but found that despite the burgeoning increase and interest in these therapies  worldwide, few of them had any credible research base to support their claims of what works and what does not. The Lords Select Committee found that only osteopaths and chiropractics were able to show that their techniques worked, and even then only for a limited range of conditions. Interestingly, one chiropractic clinic, ‘Angel Chiropractic’ claimed to provide relief to all patients for a variety of conditions, including, headaches, tension, jaw pain, repetitive strain, sciatica and sporting injuries by unblocking anything that impedes the body’s nervous system – ‘Axis Magazine’, Jan. 2004, page 25.

Incidentally the unblocking technique used in chiropractic treatments, or adjustments are attempts to manipulate something called chi, a form of Eastern magnetism. I was also surprised to discover that the person who introduced chiropractic to the West was an avowed spiritualist, who admitted to having obtained the information and techniques of chiropractic from spirit medium, through occult channelling.

Notwithstanding there is still an insatiable public appetite for the complementary therapies . Many people attest to the usefulness if not healing  power of the complementary therapies. So are all these people deluded? If not, what then is the source of the powers that are resorted to in bringing about ‘healing’ in the New Age  therapies?

Leading this consumption of New Age healing and Eastern spiritualism are celebrities  and “stars” like Richard Gere, Tom Cruise  (a member of the Church of Scientology ), Cybil Sheppard  of “Moonlighting” fame, and Dionne Warwick , aunt of Whitney Houston . Many of them swear by it, claiming that it gives them peace, purpose and success in their lives and careers.

Although this latest interest in the Supernatural had a slow start, it has now taken off. In the 1800s various estimates of the numbers involved in the supernatural  or Spiritualism were put forward. In 1876, it was estimated that the number of Spiritualists in the United States  alone was between 3,000,000 to 10,000,000. Pretty small.

Today it is estimated that at least 25 percent of America is involved, in some way with Esoteric or New Age  religions. That’s more than 50 million people in the US alone. Many of these are not what you might call religious  – but they are certainly seekers of knowledge , self -empowerment  and enlightenment . If you are such a person, then this book is for you. And if you are not, you will still be amazed and challenged by what you will discover about things you may have previously regarded as common place and insignificant. Your reality is about to be changed.

This book takes us behind the scenes to uncover compelling evidence of the reality of a parallel world and the great political, economic and spiritual crisis that is stealing upon our world.

Secrets Behind the Veil gives us candid and many true-life  accounts of the nature and power of the phenomena  of Modern Spirituality and the New Age  Movement. Have you ever wondered what the ‘New Age’ is all about, why it has such a mass following, and the source of its irresistible power and success? All of these are dealt with in depth, along with the sensational Harry Potter , and the increasingly popular alternative therapies . You will be taken on an incredible journey behind the veil that separates the visible and invisible world. What you discover may be shocking, but it will prepare you for what lies ahead.

There is a vast infinity beyond. There is a veil that interposes between the visible and invisible world,  and when that is drawn aside and who can tell what will be revealed? Parallels are drawn and disparities noted between the various beliefs and practices of Hinduism, Buddhism , Christianity, mysticism, the occult , Scientology , and many other New Age  practices and teachings.

Even Freemasonry  does not escape the remit of this book. It was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who caused outrage, when he said that, Freemasonry was not only incompatible with the Christian faith  but also “satanically inspired”. Is he right or just misinformed and bigoted?

The suggestions, questions and conclusions posed may be controversial and bold, but the assertions and views are supported with credible authority and reliable sources. If your quest is for greater insight and self-awareness you will find this book an indispensable source of information for now and for future reference; and of course to share with your friends and colleagues. Anyone interested in uncovering the secrets  behind much of today’s merging spirituality will find this book thought provoking and inspirational – indispensable.

Until now precious little had been written to describe and explain the mystical  and hidden link between almost all the world religions. Secrets Behind the Veil fills that gap by exploring the phenomena  of the supernatural  in various religions and traditions . It examines critically the mystical links between Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism , various forms of New Age spirituality , occultism, magic and certain aspects of popular Christian beliefs. The aim is to uncover the secrets  that lie behind the supernatural manifestations  of healing , complementary therapies , yoga , meditation, and speaking in tongues, to name a few . The powers behind Harry Potter  and Lord of the Rings phenomena  are also fully invoked.

After reading this book you will have a 20/20 perspective on all of these issues and more.

Prepare for an adventure…


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