SECRETS BEHIND THE VEIL - what you don't know can hurt you ...

P.D. Moore

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“A very exciting book!!!!”

-         Christa Richter, South Africa

            “Extremely interesting”  Laura Barry, Blackwell Publishers


"a fascinating read" - Onyeka, London


"… it is extremely well researchedvery well written, and the illustrations hold the interest of the reader."-  Mervyn Leicester, UK


 “Nice read"  - Pastor Ron Henderson, Halifax, Canada

“People need to look at the issues being discussed,… it is super to have a book to put in someone’s hand." Margaret Chalmers, South Africa

“Excellent material!” - Omar Aguirre, Argentina and London

“The New Age/spiritism is very relevant to current developments.” - Lincoln Steed and Vikki Montgomery, Liberty magazine, USA



                Moore’s writing opens the mind to almost any possibility – always prepared to ask the unthinkable

- The Publishers


The truth may not always set you free but your discoveries will set you thinking. Prepare for an adventure.  

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