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Lengnick-Hall, Mark L.

Human Resource Management in the Knowledge Economy: New Challenges, New Roles, New Capabilities

Demonstrates that for businesses to thrive in today's economy, human resource managers must take on four new roles. Each role is discussed in detail using examples from leading businesses. Softcover. Height 9.04, Width: 6.38;




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Business Admin & Mgt - Human Resources

Meade, James G.

The Human Resources Software Handbook: Evaluating Technology Solutions for Your Organization (With CD-ROM)

A must-have resource fills a gap in the literature by offering a unique guide that helps managers in organizations of any size to make the right decision about which HR software is right for their company's needs. Shows them also how they should go about selecting, purchasing, and installing software. CD-ROM included. Height 9.58, Width: 7.46; 2nd Category: Business Admin & Mgt - Management




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Human Resource Management

AUTHORS:  Derek Torrington (Manchester School of Management, UMIST, and Chair, Manchester Federal School of Business and Management)Laura Hall (Visting Lecturer, UMIST and the Universities of Sheffield, Salford, Bradford and Manchester Metropolitan)Steven Taylor (Senior Lecturer in HRM, Department of Management, Manchester Metropolitan University),

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FORMAT: Paperback (pp: 683) ISBN: 0-273-64639-7
PUBLISHER: FT Prentice Hall/Pearsons   PUB. DATE: 01 Dec 2001
This text provides a comprehensive, practical description and discussion of the functions of personnel management, supported by illustrative material and evidence from current practice.
Short Contents: Part I Introduction: the nature of human resource management; issues in contemporary human resource management; human resource strategy. Part II Organization: strategic aspects of organization; planning - jobs and people; organization design; communication and information; interactive skill - chairing meetings. Part III Resourcing: strategic aspects of resourcing; contracts of employment, contractors and consultants; recruitment; selection - methods and decisions; staff retention; ending the contract; interactive skill - selection interviewing. Part IV Performance: strategic aspects of performance; organizational performance; performance management and individual performance; team performance; leadership and notivation; diversity - the legal framework; diversity - management policy and practice; interactive skill - performance appraisal. Part V Development: strategic aspects of development; competencies, competence and NVQs; learning and development; career development; interactive skill - presentation and teaching. Part VI Employee relations: strategic aspects of employee relations; recognition and consultation; health, safety and welfare; grievance and discipline; interactive skill - grievance and discipline. Part VII Pay: strategic aspects of payment; job evaluation; incentives and fringe benefits; pensions and sick pay; interactive skill - negotiation.

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Part I Introduction
- the nature of human resource management
- issues in contemporary human resource management
- human resource strategy

Part II Organization
- strategic aspects of organization
- planning - jobs and people
- organization design
- communication and information
- interactive skill - chairing meetings

Part III Resourcing
- strategic aspects of resourcing
- contracts of employment, contractors and consultants
- recruitment
- selection - methods and decisions
- staff retention
- ending the contract
- interactive skill - selection interviewing

Part IV Performance
- strategic aspects of performance
- organizational performance
- performance management and individual performance
- team performance
- leadership and notivation
- diversity - the legal framework
- diversity - management policy and practice
- interactive skill - performance appraisal

Part V Development
- strategic aspects of development
- competencies, competence and NVQs
- learning and development
- career development
- interactive skill - presentation and teaching

Part VI Employee relations
- strategic aspects of employee relations
- recognition and consultation
- health, safety and welfare
- grievance and discipline
- interactive skill - grievance and discipline

Part VII Pay
- strategic aspects of payment
- job evaluation
- incentives and fringe benefits
- pensions and sick pay
- interactive skill - negotiation





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