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The Lux-Verbi Law Masters offers modular law texts for professionals, lay persons and undergraduates in all of the core subject areas.  

Legal terminologies for lawyers & students

Finch, Vanessa

Corporate Insolvency Law: Perspectives and Principles

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Provides a new look at corporate insolvency laws and processes. This book will appeal to academics and students at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels, and to legal practitioners throughout the common law world. Softcover. Height 9.04, Width: 6.40; 2nd Category: Business Admin & Mgt - Business Legal Referenc




Majors title #:3278292001

656 pages

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Sharp, Susan F.  

Law - Criminal Justice

The Incarcerated Woman: Rehabilative Programming in Women's Prisons

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Provides the most comprehensive, cutting-edge overview available of treatment/rehabilitative policies and programming for women prisoners. Focuses on the special needs of women prisoners, rather than on prison programming in general, explores those needs in detail, and the ability of current programming to meet those needs, and what could be done. Softcover. Height , Width: ; 2nd Category: Social Sciences - Women's Studies


1st edition, PRENTICE HALL *


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208 pages

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Understanding Law
Vanstone, R.
Pearson Higher Education Longman
ISBN: 0582317207
23.99 9 Jun 1998 Paperback Available to be ordered
This text is designed to provide students with skills they need to understand the law and to be successful in examinations. It provides a selection of legal source material, giving students first-hand experience in understanding and interpreting case material, statutes and other legal documents.

Table of Contents

    European law
    parliamentary law making
    statutory interpretation
    judicial precedent
    the judiciary
    financing legal work
    the legal profession
    juries and magistrates
    civil dispute resolution
    criminal justice
    civil liberties

Understanding Law
Adams, John N and Brownsword, Roger
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 0421635509
14.99 24 Jun 1999 Paperback Available to be ordered
  An introduction to the English legal system. This edition includes sections on Pepper vs Hart, the development of nervous shock liability, the criminal justice system and the implications of the Runciman Royal Commission.

Revisions have been undertaken to reflect the increasing importance of both public and EC law; to cover the Woolf reforms and reform of the civil justice system as well as developments in judicial review. The effect of the incorporation of the ECHR into domestic law and recent developments in legal aid have also been considered. Sections have been included on Pepper vs Hart; the development of nervous shock liability; the criminal justice system and the implications of the Runciman Royal Commission.




Understanding Criminal Law
Geary, Roger
Cavendish Publishing Ltd Cavendish Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1859417493
14.99 1 Sep 2002 Paperback Available to be ordered
This volume intends to clarify a subject which students often find somewhat difficult and confusing. It provides a clear and concise guide, to enable students to quickly master the basic principles and thus ensure examination success.




Understanding Criminal Law

Clarkson, Christopher M.V.
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 0421717505                              Available to be ordered
15.99 6 Jun 2001 Paperback
This study seeks to present the key principles of criminal law in a comprehensive and readable style. Concentrating on the more theoretical issues, rather than the "nuts and bolts" of legislation and case law, the main focus is the general principles of criminal liability.

Table of Contents

    The role of criminal law in society
    enforcement of criminal law
    constructing criminal law
    major crimes





Check Your Vocabulary for Law 
Riley, David  
P.Collin Pub./Marston Books  
ISBN: 1901659216  
List Price 7.50  Our Price: 6.50   Paperback Available to be ordered

Tests for legal vocabulary.


English for Law
Aliceson Riley
ISBN: 0134012097  
List Price 17.50  Our Price: 16.00   Paperback Available to be ordered

Tests for legal vocabulary.


Law for Legal  Executives,  Edition 6th ed 
Blakemore,Timothy, Green, Brendan 
ISBN: 0199255261
List Price Price 21.99    Paperback Available to be ordered

The sixth edition of this two part compilation title has been thoroughly updated to take into account all the syllabus changes occurring at the beginning of 2002. It is clearly written, with each subject broken down into manageable sections with diagrams, where appropriate, to illustrate complex matters. It contains sample questions which follow the Institute's examination style, together with guidance on how they should be tackled in an exam situation. In addition to satisfying the requirements of the Institute's syllabus, this book will help the student to understand how the law works in its practical context. Frequent references are made to significant cases, which are highlighted in the text and fully explained. The book also contains examples of statutes and law reports to enable students to gain familiarity with primary sources of law.


Academic Writing Course
Jordan, R.R.
ISBN: 0582400198  
List Price 17.50   Our Price: 16.00   23/08/2002   Paperback Available to be ordered

Tests for legal vocabulary.



Legal Theory 2nd edition  
Ian McLeod 
Palgrave McMillan
ISBN: 1403904596
List Price Price 14.99    Paperback Available to be ordered

Why do some rules have the status of law while others do not? Is law simply a matter of rules anyway? What is justice? Is there a duty to obey a law even if it is unjust? Should the law concern itself with the activities of consenting adults in private? This fully-updated new edition of Legal Theory asks questions such as these and explains some of the answers which legal theorists have given from Ancient Greece to the present day. Written in a very readable style, this book makes intrinsically difficult material accessible and interesting.  

The Nature of Legal Theory: From Laws to Law
The Nature and Functions of Law
The Natural Law Tradition
English Analytical Positivism
Kelsen's Hierarchy of Norms
The Revival of Natural Law: Fuller and Finnis
Policies, Principles, Rights and Interpretation: Dworkin's Theory of Adjudication
American Realism
Critical Perspectives on Law
Theories of Justice
Legal Regulation of Morality

IAN McLEOD is a member of the Law Department at London Guildhall University. He has practised as a solicitor and has over twenty years' experience, with particular interests in Legal Theory, Legal Method and Public Law. He is also the author of Legal Method in the Palgrave Law Masters series