Psychiatry, Clinical

Hahn, Rhoda K.

Current Clinical Strategies: Psychiatry, 2003-2004

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Annual pocket outline covers new treatment guidelines with all information updated and revised. Digital book and updates are included. Softcover. Height 9.75, Width: 4.00;




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123 pages

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Psychiatry, Clinical

* Nutt, David

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Symptomatology, Pathogenesis and Management

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The second author, Karl Rickels, is with the Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Provides information on panics and posttraumatic stress disorders with current data. Addresses the recent progress in understanding the psychobiology and management of this disorder, increases recognition, and understanding of neurobiological and psychological mechanisms. Softcover. Height 9.76, Width: 7.56;


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204 pages

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Psychotherapy & Family Therapy

Erdman, Phyllis

Attachment and Family Systems: Conceptual, Empirical, and Therapeutic Relatedness

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Texas A&M Univ., Commerce. Text addresses the overlap between the two systems of thought dealing with the nature of interpersonal relationships and how they impact functioning. Topics include the implications of the attachment theory, life cycle transitions, and specific clinical issues. Height 9.25, Width: 6.25; 2nd Category: Psychology: Clinical, Experimental & Graduate


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Psychotherapy & Family Therapy

Hayslip, Bert

Working with Custodial Grandparents

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Univ. of Akron, OH. Volume provides documentation on the impact of custodial and noncustodial grandparents' roles on grandparents and children. Presents methods of design, implementation, and funding of programs to help grandparents raising grandchildren. Topics include support groups, children with developmental disabilities, and psychological distress. Height 9.50, Width: 6.50;


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285 pages

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Psychology: Clinical, Experimental & Gra

Hammond, Ron J.

The Marriages and Families Activities Workbook

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Workbook designed to help students come to understand themselves and their family roles. Built on findings from numerous studies in sociology, psychology, child development, and marriage and family science disciplines. Includes a variety of questions and exercises. Softcover. Height 11.00, Width: 8.50;


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164 pages

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Psychology: Clinical, Experimental & Gra

Leahy, Robert L.

Psychology and the Economic Mind: Cognitive Processes & Conceptualization

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Weill-Cornell Univ. New York City, NY. Provides information on a multidimensional model applied to the way in which individuals make 'mundane decisions.' Topics include pursuing relationships, exercise, time investment, and behavioral effort. Presents the cognitive-developmental theory used with children and adolescents to illustrate economic inequality. Height 9.50, Width: 6.25;


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238 pages

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