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Competence in Social Work Practice
O'Hagan, Kieran (Lecturer in Social Work, Queen's University, Belfast)
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ISBN 1853023329
Publisher Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Imprint Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Format Paperback
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Long Description
    Social work has been subjected to much change, presenting formidable challenges for social workers, practice trainers, line managers and trainers. By virtue of CCETSW's Paper 30 in 1989 (and its subsequent amendments), social work training became competence-based and competence-led. Many students and practice teachers, however, have experienced difficulty in identifying evidence of competence for inclusion in practice portfolios. The contributors to this volume demonstrate how competence is best illustrated through detailed presentation of practice.

    This book illustrates social work competences by describing genuine cases, real people and real contexts (all identifying features have been changed to preserve confidentiality). It aims to assist in the implementation of new requirements for the Diploma in Social Work, due for implementation in September 1995. Each chapter identifies the core competences most pertinent to the case in question and core themes and principles which emerge in demonstrating competence.

Table of Contents
    Introduction: The Development of Competence-Based Practice, Kieran O'Hagan
    Social Work Competence in Working with Families, Dorota Iwaniec
    Social Work Competence in Mental Health, Dr Jim Campbell
    Social Work Competence in Child Protection, Kieran O'Hagan
    Social Work Competence in Mediation, Margaret Fawcett
    Social Work Competence in Working with (Abused) Children, Dr Collette McAuley
    Social Work Competence in Health and Disability, John McLaughlin
    Social Work Competence in Parent-Training, Karola Dillenburger
    Social Work Competence in the Application of the Children's Act, Dr John Pinkerton
    Competence in Working with People with Learning Difficulties, Shirley Spence
    Social Work Competence in Residential Work, John Gibson
    Social Work Competence in Risk Analysis, Greg Kelly
    Social Work Competence in Criminal Justice, Jane Lappin
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