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Modern Manna's Vegetarian Cooking School Cookbook



 Vegetarian Cooking School Cookbook, with Danny & Charise Vierra

This is the cookbook used in all of our cooking schools, and companion book to the Lifestyle for Excellent Health Video Series. (vegetarian, diet, cookbook, vegan)...



The Ministry of Healing

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Free Copy of The Ministry of Healing - 14.99 Value! All you pay is shipping costs (3.50). There is a 2.50 p&p charge for each additional free copy.

The object and aim of Ministry of Healing is to promote comfort and hope to the sick and suffering, and encouragement and counsel to friends, nurses, and physicians who are engaged in the blessed work of ministering to the afflicted ones." So declared the opening sentence of a small promotional pamphlet designed to interest people in Ellen White's newest book that first appeared 100 years ago, on September 12, 1905.

Although the principal purpose of the book was to lead the reader to physical and spiritual life and health, it must also contain specific counsel to medical personnel and caregivers. They needed to understand their privilege of fellowshipping with the Life-giver, and to be encouraged to follow His methods in their ministry. In addition, counsel for health educators was also to be included.

The central theme of Ministry of Healing was perhaps best summarized by W. C. White. Christ, he noted, is the "Source of Life . . . the great Healer . . . the very present Minister to the sick and suffering today." Therefore, the purpose of the book is to "show that there is no sickness outside the range of His love and His power.

The reason the book is priceless is because it targets heaven's true method of healing which includes finding and removing the cause of disease.