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"If I were stranded on a desert island, and could take only one thing along to protect me from disease, infection, and injury, I would choose charcoal." ~ Agatha M. Thrash M.D Get the facts...

Life At Its Best (5 Health DVDs)

Real Truth About UfOs and the New World Order Connection

Ancient Prophecies About Mysticism Hollywood and the Music Industry

National Sunday Law

New Age Bible Versions by G.A. Riplinger

Which Bible Is God's Word? also by Gail Riplinger

Audio Messages (Free downloads)

The Great Controversy on MP3 (FREE audio downloads)

Chapter 1:  The Destruction of Jerusalem
Chapter 2:  Persecution in the First Centuries
Chapter 3:  An Era of Spiritual Darkness
Chapter 4:  The Waldenses
Chapter 5:  John Wycliffe
Chapter 6:  Huss and Jerome
Chapter 7:  Luther's Separation From Rome
Chapter 8:  Luther Before the Diet
Chapter 9:  The Swiss Reformer
Chapter 10:  Progress of Reform in Germany
Chapter 11:  Protest of the Princes
Chapter 12:  The French Reformation
Chapter 13:  The Netherlands and Scandinavia
Chapter 14:  Later English Reformers
Chapter 15:  The Bible and the French Revolution

Chapter 16:  The Pilgrim Fathers
Chapter 17:  Heralds of the Morning
Chapter 18: An American Reformer
Chapter 19:  Light Through Darkness
Chapter 20:  A Great Religious Awakening

Chapter 21:  A Warning Rejected
Chapter 22:  Prophecies Fulfilled
Chapter 23:  What is the Sanctuary?
Chapter 24:  In the Holy of Holies
Chapter 25:  God's Law Immutable

Chapter 26:  A Work of Reform
Chapter 27:  Modern Revivals

Chapter 28:  Facing Life's Record
Chapter 29;  The Origin of Evil
Chapter 30:  Enmity Between Man and Satan
Chapter 31:  Agency of Evil Spirits
Chapter 32:  Snares of Satan
Chapter 33:  The First Great Deception

Chapter 34:  Can Our Dead Speak to Us?
Chapter 35:  Liberty of Conscience Threatened
Chapter 36:  The Impending Conflict
Chapter 37:  The Scriptures a Safeguard
Chapter 38:  The Final Warning

Chapter 39:  The Time of Trouble
Chapter 40:  God's People Delivered

Chapter 41;  Desolation of the Earth
Chapter 42:  The Controversy Ended

Bible Questions Answered


Foxe's Book of Martyrs: A History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the... - ISBN: 0800786645 & 1565635043

Video: The Light Behind Masonry (video), by Bill Schnoebelen....

A Woman Rides the Beast: the PLAN of Pope Benedict XVI and the Roman Catholic Church for these Last Days...



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