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 The enlightening new book, "Secrets Behind The Veil" by  P. D. Moore?

Extremely interesting” -
Laura Barry, Blackwell Publishers, UK.

The New Age/Spiritism is very relevant to current developments.” -
Lincoln Steed and V. Montgomery, Liberty Magazine, USA. 

“People need to look a the issues being discussed” - Margaret Chalmers,  S.A.

“A very exciting book!!!!” - Christa Richter


Secrets Behind the Veil”    

 (ISBN: 0-954359607)          

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Secrets Behind the Veil
This book is a fascinating journey behind the scenes, with penetrating insights into the world of the supernatural and the unifying force of Chi as found in yoga, martial arts, and most forms of Eastern alternative therapies. It contributes a new understanding of what might be familiar subjects by looking at them from an original and stimulating perspective.
By dispelling many of the myths associated with supernatural activities, it penetrates areas of ignorance and explains in the most remarkable way the nature and power of the New Age in all its varied forms. There are twists and turns in almost every other line. Although it is non-fiction, it reads like a thriller "The latest book to cause a stir in the publishing world, Secrets Behind the Veil ... Enlightening, intelligent, compelling … Moore’s writing opens the mind to almost any possibility – always prepared to ask the unthinkable. Nothing escapes his scrutiny …"

This book matters ... it's uniqueness is in the fact that there is no other book on the market that speaks as authoritatively, and comprehensively on  such a wide range of subjects. The author dispenses wisdom so freely and clearly, that after reading this book you will become a fount of knowledge yourself.

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"Secrets Behind the Veil", the first book to fully explore the energies in all of the following within one volume:

Automatic writings  Buddhism Channelling       Charismatic Healing Clairvoyance               Chiropractic   ESP                             Feng Shui 
Harry Potter Magik Hypnotism                           I Ching                     Oriental Medicine 
Mediums Mysticism                 Martial arts 
New World Order
NLP Psychics                Quantum physics      Reincarnation       Reflexology         Speaking in tongues Stargate            Therapeutic Touch    'Toronto Blessing' Vibrational Healing    Wicca                              Yin & Yang             Yoga/meditation and much more ...

Other titles include:
"About Harry Potter - not for muggles"  - What every kid should know ...   

 ISBN 0-9543596-3-1


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About the author     
P.D. Moore has written extensively for Sweet & Maxwell and for publishers Lux-Verbi. He now writes mainly on the New Age, and alternative spirituality.

"When you sell a man a book, you don’t sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue, you sell him a whole new life."               – Christopher Morley