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Secrets Behind The Veil - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You ...

Climb out of the Cellar of Your Mind - Learn how to Avoid being Controlled by the Past - take control of your life ...

Sabbath or Sunday: explosive, readable and free

Yoga is Powerful

(The History & Power of Yoga)


Church of the Panaghia tou Arakos


National Sunday Law

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The Great Controversy

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Back to Eden Health Choices, 55th edition


Hodder Arnold
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SMALL COMPANIES, BIG WINNERS – Making Small Companies Really Work, Les Green. 

List price: £12.95. Our price: £10.50.

As featured on Sky Television

The ultimate survival guide for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business.

Starting your won business is a dream for many people. But how do you avoid the pitfalls that cause the majority of companies formed in the UK to fail within the first 18 months? Successful businessman and management consultant Les Green offers advice on: 

  • How to finance the bushiness and manage the cash flow
  • How to negotiate
  • The art of sales and marketing
  • How to value and sell the business
Born in Widness, Lancashire, les Green took a first class honours degree in mathematics and economics at he University of Keele before embarking on a career in business. He spent eleven years running small-and medium –sized companies in the UK. He is presently an executive with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, assisting entrepreneurs and high growth companies.

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