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Author Title ISBN Price Adler, L Have I Ever Told You... 0953911918 ?9.95 Aitken, A Athletics Enigmas 1857766032 ?9.99 Albon, R.V Tales From The Vienna Woods 1857764544 ?8.95 Allen, Sir P Interesting Times 1857764684 ?16.95 Ariazad Gulliver In Cloneland 185776546X ?14.95 Ashtar New World Order 1857764919 ?7.95 Author Title ISBN Price Barker, P Top 1000 Scientists 1857764056 ?30.00 Bass, B Tell Them It's Been Wonderful 1857764943 ?8.95 Beaver, P A Tower Of Strength 086332732X ?14.95 Bell, A My Friend Henry 1857765516 ?16.95 Bell, A Sanity, Security, Sanctuary 1857763076 ?12.95 Berry, E Stop the Car, Mr Becket! 1857765494 ?16.95 Berryman, J The Bible; A Helping Hand 1857765095 ?8.95 Blackburn, K Between Septembers 863329152 ?12.95 Blackburn, K Feathers For Laura 1857765451 ?15.95 Blackburn, K Lamentations Of A Young Pig 1857761774 ?12.95 Bowes, P In Search of Security 1857762290 14.95 Bowes, P The Story of a Female Philosopher 1857761855 15.95 Box, B Lifting The Lid 1857764897 ?16.95 Bracewell-Milnes, B Is a Mast a Must? 1857765877 ?12.95 Bradley, J The Tantalising Tales Of A Troubled Teenager 1857764870 ?10.95 Braid, S R Jethro And The Curse 1857764447 ?12.95 Bray, J Then Now & Tomorrow 1857764811 ?14.95 Brayshaw, D The Road To Beijing 185776403X ?8.95 Brazil, N A Journey With Ghosts 1857763173 ?12.95 Brooke, D Gone To Pott 1857765613 ?15.95 Brown, M The Adventures of Pinky Pig & Friends 1857765982 ?6.95 Bruce, S I Once Was Lost 1857766059 ?16.95 Bryen, G Black Cat, White Rabbit 1857765702 ?16.95 Burgoyne, E The Tattered Remnants 1857766660 ?17.95 Burniston, C The Brass And The Velvet 1587765699 ?16.95 Butterfield, I Manhattan Tales, 1920-1945 185776367X ?15.00 Author Title ISBN Price Calmady-Hamlyn, J Down Again To The Deep 185776479X ?15.00 Carter, B Saved By The Bomb 1857765818 ?15.95 Chapman, B Brighton In The Fifties 1857761410 ?5.99 Clarke, P An Organic Gardener's Experience 185776594X ?12.95 Claxton, C Brilliance ! 1857764293 ?15.95 Claxton, C The Modern God 1857765265 ?10.95 Cock, O I Paddled My Own Canoe 1857765397 ?14.95 Collins, E Anathema 1857765761 ?16.95 Conway, A. S A Very Oriental Place 1857766857 ?15.95 Cope, R From Mersey To Missouri 1857764412 ?15.95 Cormac, D When Pathways Cross 1857766164 ?6.95 Correa, M P The Dawn Of The French Revolution 1857765060 ?15.95 Coulcher, P A Natural History Of The Cuckmere Valley 1857761588 ?16.95 Coulcher, P The Mountain Of Mist 1857763114 ?12.50 Coulcher, P The Sun Islands - A Natural History Of The Isles Of Scilly 1857763483 ?17.95 Coulcher, P Unto The Hills 1857765869 ?17.95 Cox, M Gold In The Morning Sun 1857762975 ?14.95 Cox, M Holding Back The Dark 1857760824 ?12.95 Cox, M Light On The Far Ranges 1857763033 ?8.95 Cox, M Shadow On The Sun 1857765990 ?14.95 Crawford, P Nothing Purple, Nothing Black 1857765745 ?14.95 Creed, D The Burning 185776434X ?15.95 Cullingford, B British Chimney Sweeps 1857764528 ?16.95 Author Title ISBN Price Dallin, E The Almost Impregnable Miss Parker 863327168 ?10.95 Daniel, J A Francesca 1857765826 ?10.95 Davids, R The Story Of Flyn The Stickleback 1857764285 ?12.95 Davis, O.J.M Second Hand Books 1857765273 ?15.95 Davis, S & Kent, S All Or Nothing 1857765443 ?7.99 Davson, Sir C I Merlin 1857764803 ?18.50 De Blij, H Wartime Encounter With Geography 1857764579 ?14.95 De Mallac, M.J. Western Paths, Eastern Paths 1857761960 ?16.50 De Mallac, M.J. Hansen's Disease - The Shared Paradigm 1857765974 ?12.95 Dickins, D In Grandpa's Footsteps 1857764595 ?16.95 Dickinson, J 21 Medical Mysteries 1857764994 ?15.95 Douglas, T Death, The Devil and Tom O'Shanter 185776661X ?12.95 Duncan, I A Question of Choice 185776563X ?16.95 Dykins, S Lessons From An Angel 1857765885 ?9.99 Author Title ISBN Price Ede, L Millennium Miracle 1857764382 ?12.95 Edwards, P Crispin & The Blighter Jones 1857765923 ?10.95 Elliott, D Charles Fairfax Murray 1857765109 ?25.00 English, D A Shining Fragment 1857764900 ?10.50 Eperson, D. B Music and Mathematics 1857766369 ?15.95 Author Title ISBN Price Fane, J Tales Of Love And War 1857766407 ?17.95 Farrant, L The Princess From St Petersburg 1857764048 ?17.50 Fearon, B.T. The Aquarian Frontier 1857760565 ?6.95 Fethney, M The Absurd And The Brave 1857765567 ?9.95 Fitzpatrick, G No Mandalay, No Maymyo - 79 Survive 1857765206 ?16.95 Fleming, E Drawn From The Spectrum 1857766903 ?10.95 Fleminger, J Behind The Eyes Of David 1857765893 ?15.95 Francis, R Match-Up 1857765184 ?8.95 Franke, J Not Alone 1857766318 ?16.95 Frewen, F Swimming In Circles 1857766911 ?15.95 Author Title ISBN Price Goldsmith, C G.H.O.S.T 1857765354 ?14.95 Gordon, A Heads & Tales 1857764862 ?8.95 Green, L Small Companies Big Winners 185776529X ?10.95 Grey, C No Fancy Life 1857765532 ?14.95 Author Title ISBN Price Hackley, B The Kennedy-Devonshire Connection 1857766172 ?16.95 Haden, E A History Of Sunshine And Shadows 1857765052 ?8.95 Hall Stephens, J The Trip 1857766520 ?15.95 Hall, H Bill & Patience 1857764080 ?16.95 Harari, M The Peacock's Tail 1857766423 ?10.95 Hardy, E What A Marvellous Delivery That Was 1857765850 ?8.95 Healey, D Healey's World 1857766725 ?25.00 Hegley, M My Father's Child 1857764072 ?14.95 Hemmings, J Silent Approach 1857763777 ?15.00 Henley, F. A Chasing The Golden Fleece 1857766326 ?10.95 Hill, J Maharajas In The Making 1857765311 ?16.95 Hill, N A Place In Time 185776627X ?15.95 Hill, R In And Out 1857765591 ?16.95 Hinrichs, J Butterfly Wings & Culinary Happenings 185776501X ?12.95 Hodgson, H Six Feet Under 185776515X ?16.95 Hodgson, H Exhumed Innocent 1857766962 ?16.95 Hole, B Drifts Of Bluebells 863329829 ?12.95 Hole, B Letter From Home 863328741 ?11.95 Hole, B Ubi Caritas 1857761286 ?8.50 Holstead, M Tales From Magic Lands 1857765001 ?12.95 Honey, D The Testament Of Barabbas 185776630X ?7.99 Hughesdon, C A Flying Life 1857766504 ?16.95 Hurste, J The Intemperate Auctioneer 1857766768 ?16.95 Hutchings, R Crystal Palace Vistas 1857764706 ?10.95 Hutchings, R Maverick Bohemian 1857765672 ?6.95 Hutton, M Dirty Linen 185776577X ?16.95 Huxley, J Morgan's Castle 095391190X ?14.95 Author Title ISBN Price Imray, C Cricket In The Backblocks 1857762878 ?14.95 Imray, C Policeman In Africa 1857762878 ?14.95 Imray, C Quest For Identity 1857763157 ?10.95 Ironside, V.H. Willers Of The Will 1857760131 ?15.00 Irving C, S Seven Visions Of God 1857766873 ?14.95 Author Title ISBN Price Jackson, B, illus. Baines, V Mindful Of Butterflies 1857763394 ?25.00 Jackson, L Pawn On A Chessboard 1857765915 ?16.95 Jahan, T A Stinging Affair 1857765842 ?12.95 James, P A Ship So Far 1857764226 ?15.00 James, P A Sea So Deep 1857766776 ?9.99 Joffe, E Hancock's Last Stand 1857763165 ?16.95 Johnson, Sir V As I See It 1857765966 ?17.50 Johnson, W M. Making A Killing 1857760808 ?15.00 Jordan, B A Cameraman For All Reasons 1857763289 ?12.95 Author Title ISBN Price Kanitkar, V.P Bapu Had Eight Sons 1857764889 ?15.00 Kershen, S Behind The Comic Mask 1857760697 ?10.95 Kevill, M The Personal Diary Of Nurse De Trafford 1916-1920 1857765222 ?16.95 Knight, W & A The Golden Apples Of Hesperides 1857764137 ?15.95 Knight, W & A Agamemnon's Crown 1857765044 ?10.95 Koinange, J M. Koinange-wa-Mbiyu 1857764129 ?15.95 Kuin Lawton, T The Extra Mile 1857766628 ?15.95 Author Title ISBN Price Lacey, P Master Of The Titanic 1857762215 ?8.95 Lander, J A Millennial Look At World Cinema 1857765036 ?12.95 Lange, U East Germany : What Happened To The Silesians In 1945 1857764021 ?15.95 Levy, H Voices From The Past 1857760875 ?6.95 Lewandowski, L A Yank In The Village 1857765680 ?14.95 Lindley, J D The Icing Man 1857765176 ?16.95 Lindley, J D Iy Correction 1857766350 ?17.95 Linnell, D Blake, Palmer, Linnell & Co. 863329179 ?50.00 Livingston-Fairley, M All We Need Is Love 185776496X ?12.95 Lonkhurst, B Man Of Courage 1857763734 ?10.95 Lowey, J French Daze 1857764501 ?12.95 Lygo, Sir R Collision Course 1857765141 ?18.50 Author Title ISBN Price Macdonald, M The Last Year Of The Gang 1857764374 ?14.95 Macdonald, N.P. The Making Of Brazil 1857760689 ?30.00 Mactier, A Crash Course In Cracking Cryptic Crosswords 1857766679 ?8.95 Mariner, J The Eaglet At The Battle Of Minorca 1857765478 ?16.95 Maurice, J Jabberwocky Day 1857764196 ?15.95 Maurice, J Some Marlborough Inventions etc 1857765214 ?15.95 May, E Our Guardian Angels 1857765427 ?10.50 Mayhew, C Beads On A String 1857764218 ?15.00 McAllen, M & Savill, R Clematis 1857765028 ?35.00 McBain, M The Locust Years 1857766415 ?10.95 McCall, K Stones In Heaven 863328380 ?12.95 McCall, M As It Was In The Beginning 1857762843 ?15.00 McCall, M Love Letters From An Artist At War 863326749 ?12.50 McCall, M The Crazy Quilt 863329381 ?13.50 McCallion, H Double Kill 863327702 ?5.95 McCann, Dr. N A Doctor's Odyssey 1857764552 ?15.95 McConnell, R Land Of Waters 1857764587 ?18.50 Mellor, C Henry - Hero Pilot 1857766121 ?8.95 Molloy, T Eve Garnett 1857766113 ?14.95 Montford, L The Sibbertoft Cache 1857764730 ?10.95 Montgomery, D An Innocent Goes To War 185776319X ?16.95 Montgomery, D Noah - West Odyssey 1857766954 ?15.95 Morris, G.A Marching Over Africa 1857765257 ?16.95 Morris, G.A. Sun And Shadows 1857763866 ?14.95 Morris, G.A. The Snow Was Their Undoing 1857764463 ?15.00 Morris, G.A. To The Wars 1857762258 ?14.95 Morro, R Spy Tapestry 185776580X ?18.50 Morrow, J Slante 1857766822 ?15.95 Morse, B A Woman Of Design, A Man Of Passion 1857765834 ?19.99 Mothershaw, D The Most Marvellous Invention Of All 1857764242 ?8.95 Moun, I Eustace 1857765524 ?16.95 Myers, N Uncle Magic 1857765486 ?15.95 Author Title ISBN Price Neill, E Help The Heart 1857766210 ?15.95 Neish, W J P The Speaking Eye 1857769531 ?10.50 Nichols, R Robert Hooke & The Royal Society 185776465X ?15.00 Nuttgens, P The Art Of Learning 1857764633 ?14.95 Author Title ISBN Price O'Donoghue, C Mathematics To Do 1857764692 ?12.95 Ogden, M Within The Law 1857766083 ?16.95 Ogg, G The Uncharted Voyage 1857765125 ?10.95 Oliver, B The London Maker 1857766458 ?12.95 Owl, Owlin B Sammy's Breakfast Swim 1857764471 ?8.95 Author Title ISBN Price Pallas, R The Rollesby Chronicles 1857764188 ?16.95 Partridge, G Day One 1857766563 ?16.95 Perkins, B Railway Copper 1857764986 ?10.95 Phillips, P The Merrill Lynch Gilt-Edged Almanac 1998/99 1857764455 ?25.00 Phillips, P The Merrill Lynch Guide To The Gilt-Edged & Sterling Bond Markets 1857760700 ?45.00 Philps, R Prisoner Doctor 1857760980 ?12.95 Pilkington, R History And Legends Of The European Waterways 1857762193 ?16.95 Pilkington, R One Foot In France 863327605 ?11.95 Pilkington, R Small Boat Down The Years 863329446 ?6.95 Pilkington, R The Day Of The Sheriffs 1857764099 ?12.95 Pilkington, R View From The Shore 1857760174 ?15.00 Pitcairn-Knowles, R The Edwardian Eye Of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles 1857764277 ?25.00 Plimmer, J F. In The Footsteps Of The Whitechapel Murders (HB) 1857763106 ?15.00 Plimmer, J F. In The Footsteps Of The Whitechapel Murders (PB) 1857763947 ?8.95 Pool, S Behind The Crumbling Edge 1857766105 ?16.95 Poseq, A Soutine : His Jewish Modality 1857765575 ?10.95 Power, D Tangye 1857764781 ?14.95 Author Title ISBN Price Quigley, J The Superman Of Nazareth 1857764641 ?15.95 Author Title ISBN Price Rabolu, V.M. Hercolubus Or Red Planet 1857765117 ?5.95 Reed, J H. Convoy 'Maniac' RBI 1857764714 ?14.95 Reeve, T Emerald Island 1857765400 ?12.95 Renno, D East Sussex Shipwrecks 1857766474 ?16.95 Reno, H The Other Side Of Silence 1857766512 ?16.95 Richardson, S A Lost And Found 1857765133 ?12.95 Robb, L Gled's Revenge 1857764536 ?12.95 Roe, W Front Runners 1857766555 ?16.95 Rogers, P Two Men 1857764498 ?15.95 Rogers, P Family Affair 1857765389 ?14.95 Rogers, P Forbidden 1857765796 ?16.95 Rogers, P The Feud 1857766601 ?14.95 Rogers, P B Restless For Morocco 1857765362 ?14.95 Ross, E Celtic War On Terrorism 185776692X ?15.95 Rosta, P STEms 1857761626 ?7.95 Rowe, A For Lucasta With Rue 1857763742 ?12.95 Rudnitzky, H The Trampled Primrose 1857766717 ?10.95 Russell, A The TUC And The Working Time Question 1857765753 ?16.95 Author Title ISBN Price Sage, J The Supreme Paradox 1857764390 ?14.95 Salr, M Kingdom Of Darkness 1857765338 ?14.95 Sanderson, R A Countdown Of Time 1857764420 ?15.95 Savva, M Coincidences 1857765664 ?15.95 Schwatzkopf, K J Diem Perdidi - I Lost A Day 1857764978 ?16.95 Scott, M Nell Of The Seas 1857766806 ?16.95 Scott-Hedges, M The Secound Best Bed 1857765168 ?9.95 Scrimgcout, A The Messiah FCA 1857765540 ?16.95 Scurr, J Jungle Campaign 1857763432 ?16.95 Scurr, J A Deep Song Of Desire 1857765737 ?14.95 Sharpe, P To Be A Chindit 0863329810 ?15.00 Shaw, L What A Life! 1857766571 ?10.95 Shead, T After The Iceberg 1857765788 ?10.95 Shepherd, G A Man Of Goodwill 1857764668 ?8.50 Shepherd, G Guy's 185776272X ?14.95 Sicard, G A Tale Of Maasai Girl (PB) 1857764676 ?8.50 Simmons, S A Treasury Of Persian Cuisine 185776675X ?8.95 Singh, M The Journey, Where Seagulls Dare To Fly 1857764927 ?8.95 Slaughters, S Generosity 185766075 ?12.95 Smith, A Rudolf Hess & Germany's Reluctant War, 1939-1941 1857765656 ?17.50 Smith, H The Unknown Frenchmen 1857765370 ?14.95 Somerville-Hendric, C Revelations Of Rhyme 1857766377 ?14.95 Southern, A Forlorn Hope 1857765192 ?16.95 Spring, A Ways Of The Wild 1857764846 ?8.95 Stedall, R Hunting From Hampstead 1857766067 ?18.50 Stone, R You Should Have been In Last Night 1857766024 ?9.95 Street, S and Naylor, M Eurocats 1857764773 ?8.95 Strutt, D Please Wipe Your Crutch On The Towel Before You Leave 1857765346 ?15.95 Stubbs, T An Ascension Handbook 1857763041 ?6.95 Sugarman, S The Unrelenting Conflict 1857764625 ?15.95 Swann, J Noel 1857765435 ?14.95 Swithinbank, C Footheld On Antarctica 1857764064 ?18.50 Swithinbank, C Forty Years On Ice 1857762614 ?25.00 Swithinbank, C Vodka On Ice 1857766466 ?19.95 Author Title ISBN Price Taylor, A The Golden Thread 1857762223 ?16.95 Taylor, A The Journey Of A Lifetime 1857765419 ?10.95 Taylor, A The Spider And The Web 1857762835 ?15.00 Taylor, A The Bedside Book For Very Young Guests 1857765281 ?8.95 Taylor, P & S Jonathon Dewhurst 1857765249 ?16.95 Tea Council Best Tea Places 1857766814 ?9.99 Thomas, G (Ed) The Sudan Journal Of Ismay Thomas 1857764366 ?15.95 Thomas, V Being Somewhere 1857764439 ?5.95 Thompson, B Making It In The Middle East 1857764358 ?12.95 Thornthwaite, S Dancing Through Doorways 1857765710 ?12.95 Thornton, T Nanin 1857765230 ?14.95 Toft, J The Blue Ensign In Borned Blackwaters 1857766229 ?10.95 Trewin, D A Women's Survival 1857766156 ?14.95 Turner, A & W Underneath The Underground 185776126X ?9.99 Turner, A & W Underneath The Underground II 185776238X ?9.99 Turner, E.S. Unholy Pursuits 1857763904 ?15.95 Turner, H A Frenzy Of Indifference 1857765303 ?16.95 Turner, H The Venetian Chair 1857763017 ?15.00 Turner, W The Absolutely Animal-Free Cookbook 1857762681 ?9.99 Turton-Smith, B An Adventure Into Painting 1857765583 ?16.95 Tyler, A Cheerful And Contented 1857764234 ?16.95 Author Title ISBN Price Vassie, S The Tranquil Ark 1857766202 ?16.95 Vidal, E A Guide To Garden Design 1857766261 ?22.50 Author Title ISBN Price Wadsworth, K Twinned With Thailand 1857766652 ?16.95 Walker, B Caesar's Church 1857766253 ?17.95 Wallis, D Life After Death 1857765907 ?16.95 Walters, H et al Global Challenge 1857763858 ?24.50 Watson, K Ideals From A Black Country Slum 185776448X ?10.95 White, D The Secret World Of Cats 1857763343 ?10.50 White, D The Tale of Two Tabby Cats 1857765729 ?10.95 White, J D Siege! 1857766482 ?17.95 Wilkins, A Pevensey & Wallsend 1857765605 ?10.95 Winner, D They Called Him Mr Brighton 185776269X ?14.95 Wissa, H F Assiout : The Saga Of An Egyptian Family (revised edition) 1857765079 ?14.95 Wren-Hilton, M The Rt Hon Lady Within The Law 1857765087 ?16.95d>

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