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How to Write Your Will

'A practical and easy-to-read guide.

Paperback - 216x135mm - ISBN:0749438525 - 176 Pages - August 2002

Author: Marlene Garsia
Twelfth Edition

Published Price 8.99
Online Price 6.99
Savings 22%.  

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If you don't yet have a will, need to update an existing one, or are the executor of an estate, this book is essential reading. You don't have to seek professional help - the latest edition of this longstanding best-seller is all you need. Full of reliable expert advice, it provides easy-to-follow guidance on the crucial issues such as:

  • the importance of writing a will;
  • how to set about writing a will;
  • the taxation and legal considerations involved;
  • the problems of dying intestate;
  • how to gain probate;
  • where to go for advice.

How to Write Your Will also provides detailed instructions for executors on valuing and administering an estate prior to winding it up. Packed with practical examples and up-to-date with budget changes, this book helps to make a complicated subject easy to deal with.



  1. Why do you need a will?
  2. What happens if you die without a valid will?
  3. What should you know before writing a will
  4. What can effect your will?
  5. How to write a will
  6. A question of tax
  7. Dealing with personal tax matters after death
  8. Who can you go to for help?
  9. Documentation
  10. Valuing and administering the estate
  11. What happens in Scotland?
  12. Winding up an estate

Appendix 1: Probate checklist
Appendix 2: Probate fees payable by a personal applicant in England and Wales

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