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Lux-Verbi the world's local bookshop.  An oasis of enlightening books and free legal information to refresh and inform your mind body & soul.

Who we are                   We are independent publishers and sellers of  a wide variety of unique, enlightening and empowering books.

What we offer                  Our online Bookstore provides you with books to help you make informed decisions about your career, finances, academic life, health, personal and spiritual lifestyle, and your legal rights.

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Discover the secrets to becoming happier, healthier, more confident and better informed. Experience what millions of other reader have already discovered through our books. Why not explore our exciting and varied     Book Catalogue.    




  Who are the angels?    Know your rights.  

                        Layman's law; complete law; your rights; law made easy

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What will you get from our site?     Lux-Verbi has a varied and inspiring selection of titles for you to choose from. On this site you'll find books  to improve the quality of mind body and spirit and to make you better informed of your legal rights.  Our books are designed to inform, inspire, heal and guide.

Our latest mix of titles unravel the mysteries of life after death, the power of yoga and alternative health solutions. Whether you wish to learn how to improve your health, heal your mind or know you rights, our range of titles can help. 

We also offer FREE Legal factsheets on women's employment and maternity rights for Individuals, Advisers and Employers. See also Resources.

Secrets Behind the Veil. Special Offer!

  This book is already causing a stir...


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By the third year of life, says Dr. Harris, most of us have made the unconscious decision I'M NOT OK-YOU'RE OK, instead of the ideal position of I'M OK-YOU'RE OK. Find our why and how you can become a better rounded emotionally and how to put to rest the ghosts of your past.. 



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"When you sell a man a book, you don’t sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue, you sell him a whole new life." 

    – Christopher Morley  



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