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Title Provocative and compelling new book!

Date: 3 May 2003

"The latest book to cause a stir in the publishing world, Secrets Behind the Veil, has done so, not because of the usual reasons such as the size of the author's fee or the number of advance copies, but because it lifts the lid, or rather pulls the veil off the secret and the supernatural connections between all the major world religions, the New Age and the occult."

Additional material about the book and the alluring cover image can be found below.

The web links to the sample chapters/excerpts, the Preface and reviews are found after the book image.

What others have said:


“A very exciting book!!!!” -         Christa Richter, South Africa


“Extremely interesting”    Laura Barry, Blackwell Publishers


"a fascinating read" - Onyeka, London


"… extremely well researchedvery well written, and the illustrations hold the interest of the reader." -  Mervyn Leicester, UK


“People need to look at the issues being discussed …          Margaret Chalmers, South Africa    



This eye-opening and compelling new book is available through WHSmith, Blackwells, and all good book shops or can be ordered directly from Lux-Verbi Books at £8.99, plus p&p.      ISBN 0-9543596-0-7).  Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit/New Age. Non-fiction.

Sample chapters include:      ………………………                               

          "September 11 – the day evil reigned"

          "Hollywood, Celebrities and the New


          "Harry Potter’s New Age Magic– Deliver

            us from evil"                                 

          "A Witch’s View on Harry Potter"

          "Casting spells – teenage witches of


          "Frauds, fakes or Fanatics?"        

          "Tools and strategies in the New Age"

          "Secret powers of Yoga &


          "Psychological dangers in Meditation

            & Yoga"               

          "Channelling, Magic, Witchcraft,


          "Is there life Beyond the grave?"           

          "Heaven or Nirvana?                         

          "Message from ancient Babylon           

          "A change is coming!" 



The book gives a fascinating and penetrating insight into the world of the supernatural and the unifying force of spiritualism as found in the Chi and most forms of Eastern alternative therapies. It contributes a new understanding of what might be familiar subjects by treating them in an original and stimulating manner. It dispels the many myths associated with supernatural activities, penetrates areas of ignorance and explains in the most remarkable way the nature and power of the New Age in all its varied forms. There are twists and turns in almost every other line. Although it is
non-fiction, it reads like a thriller.

Lux-Verbi Books, United Kingdom. Website:

Book cover image for Secrets Behind the Veil -


Excerpts from Chapter 2

Excerpts from Chapter 26 (Is There Life Beyond the Grave?)


Secrets Behind the Veil - another great book from Lux-Verbi!

Please feel free to pass this information to your ordering department.

The author will be doing a number of talks and presentations in the UK, Canada and the USA, and Lux-Verbi hopes to be able to arrange a book reading at Enfield Library some time in June.

A nationwide promotion, including book events and presentations will support the marketing of this book. Leaflets on the book will be available in 7 days time.


For More Information Contact:

Lux Verbi
Lux-Verbi Books, P.O. Box 60063, London, SW16 9GG, UK

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