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  A True Story of rebellion, shipwreck and self-discovery - read this book free online Yoga Is Powerful  







Rum and Coca Cola
Rum and Coca Cola by Ralph De Boissiere



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Climb out of the Cellar of Your Mind - Learn how to Avoid being Controlled by the Past - take control of your life ...



Crown Jewel
Crown Jewel by Ralph De Boissiere


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Christ, Muhammad And I 

(He was a respected Muslim leader, but he walked away from Islam. Find out why...)



Church of the Panaghia tou Arakos


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What is the Mark of the Beast?

The Great Controversy

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Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD Set


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Back to Eden Health Choices, 55th edition

"If I were stranded on a desert island, and could take only one thing along to protect me from disease, infection, and injury, I would choose charcoal."                              ~ Agatha M. Thrash M.D.

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Legal Assistance

Our Mission is Simple! Making Legal information & Justice understandable and available to all. Concise, informed and written in plain English and mostly FREE, courtesy CCRS (Creative Conflict Resolution Systems).

Our Legal Document Service online

CCRS experts and lawyers offers an inexpensive legal product. You may subscribe to this site and so obtain access to all the information and services at no additional charge (except, arbitration, adjudication,  mediation, tuition, and seminars) .  Seminars and online legal tuition are available to Members. Subscription fees are £20.00 per month or £200 per year. 

If you are a solicitor, we can accept instructions for legal advice and representation online. We have a fixed fee of £100(+ VAT). We guarantee a 4-hour response or no charge. The service is available for basic and complex local government housing law advice and for employment matters. If the instructions to advise will take more than 4 hours, it cannot be accepted on the £100 fixed fee basis. If that is the case we will contact you to arrange a suitable fee.

Since the provision of legal aid was severely cut some years ago there is a need for free, understandable legal information for the increasing numbers of  Litigants in Person (LIPs). The legal system has changed in recent years with the aim of making it more user friendly for the ordinary citizen. If your client is unable to pay for legal advice or assistance feel free to refer this to the vast range of free legal information on this site.

There has been a further series of changes to the legal system known as the Woolf Reforms, now put into effect in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. The information and services of CCRS on this website is meant to compliment the aims of the CPR, and the Government's drive to encourage alternatives to litigation (ADR) (i.e. arbitration,  mediation and other forms of out of court dispute resolution).

If your are in Dispute over a contract, negligent advice, medical or other professional, or education matter you may wish to explore our ADR Services.  Our services are available to  local authorities, businesses, professionals, and other individuals.

Our commitment to you

  • the law firm we allocate your work to will be registered with the Law Society of England & Wales as being entitled to practise law within the jurisdiction of England & Wales or barristers on the Bar Councilís Register.
  • will be specialists in the legal area concerned, we will not allocate your work to a law firm with no experience of practising in the relevant area of law
  • will have at least £1/2 million pounds of Professional Liability Insurance in case something goes wrong
  • our law firms will adhere to the highest standards of client satisfaction, in particular ensuring that you are regularly updated on any fees that you are incurring and any significant developments in your case
  • will be monitored by us in terms of negative feedback from our users. We will investigate any complaints and may remove a law firm from our panel if we judge that they do not merit inclusion for this or for any other reason whatsoever.